MS Dhoni: Faster than a pickpocket; Ravi Shastri Says You Shouldn’t Try To Imitate Dhoni – Ravi Shastri Says Ms Dhonis’s Decision To Suddenly Give Up Trials Was Courageous


  • Ravi Shastri says Dhoni’s decision to retire is brave
  • MS Dhoni is the captain who has won three ICC titles
  • Ravi Shastri praises Dhoni in new book

London: MS Dhoni, India’s all-time great captain, has shown his prowess as a captain in all formats. Dhoni’s retirement comes after he set a series of records as captain in all three formats. Coach Ravi Shastri is open about the retirement of Dhoni, who withdrew from the first tryout and then became active in limited overs cricket.

Dhoni announced his retirement from test cricket in 2014 while the Indian team was touring Australia. There have been many rumors that the player abruptly left the Test without giving any indication of retirement. But coach Ravi Shastri says in his book Star Gossing the Players in My Life that Dhoni’s decision was brave and selfless.

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Dhoni is one of the best players in the world. Dhoni has won three ICC trophies, including two World Cups. Dhoni’s excellence in IPL is also unmatched. While playing in good form, Dhoni retired with 10 more matches to complete 100 tests. He is the leading player in physical fitness. Shastri points out that this player has suddenly retired.

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He had spoken to Dhoni when he decided to retire. But Dhoni’s decision was firm. The assurance in Dhoni’s words discouraged him from trying. Looking back, it seems Dhoni’s decision was the right one. Shastri said the decision was brave and selfless.

Shastri says that Dhoni’s hands are faster than pickpockets. Dhoni is an extraordinary player. Dhoni is different in front of and behind the gate. It is not easy to imitate Dhoni. You have to tell young players not to imitate Dhoni unless they have natural ability. The extraordinary speed of the hands is behind Dhoni’s achievement. In his book, Shastri says that for the sake of speed, there has never been a better gate keeper in Dhoni’s time.

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