Munavvar who mocked the ‘gods’ won the show, why is Kangana Ranaut praised and condemned?

The finale of ALTBalaji’s original OTT reality show “Lock Up” has concluded. It has been won by the controversial comedian Munawwar Farooqui, 30 years old. The show was hosted by Kangana Ranaut. After becoming the winner of Munnavar, there is a lot of discussion on the show’s social networks, Munawar and Kangana Ranaut. Many hashtags related to the lockdown (#MunawarFaruqui #KanganaRanaut #lockupp) are trending on Twitter. Bridges of praise are being built for Kangana.

Someone wrote about the Munnavar victory that Kangana Ranaut once again proved that she is not grumpy with anyone. Rather, she has always respected only true talents. She even said that because of the way she was bullied in Bollywood, she doesn’t want anyone to do the same to Munavvar. When Kangana announced Munavvar’s name at the end of the lockdown on Saturday night, the comedian became very emotional. Kangana hugged the excited Munavvar.

Kangana Ranaut is the best host, compared to Salman Khan

In viral images of the final on social media, this photo has drawn a lot of people’s attention. A user wrote with the same photo – Both of you have taught us the lesson of professionalism and mutual respect (opposing points of view) through the program. This program changes people’s perceptions of both (Kangana and Munavvar). Someone else wrote, Kangana Ranaut, who is the least filtered host on the OTT platform, over time once again impressed the audience with her forceful and honest opinion of the contestants. She (Kangana) said that the quality of a true host is to be professional and think beyond malice.

Kangana Ranaut hugs an emotional Munavvar.

There is no shortage of people on Twitter calling Kangana the greatest host of all time. He is especially compared to Salman Khan, who has hosted multiple seasons of Bigg Boss. He wrote in praise of the host: Kangana showed the world that she doesn’t behave with her personal feelings towards anyone. In short, she is the “Queen”. Some users even shared reactions comparing Salman and Kangana as the best hosts, in which Kangana is seen in twenty of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Well, that was a matter of praise. How can this happen on social media? That the person who receives the praise can escape criticism.

Did Kangana create an atmosphere for the promotion of Dhaakad?

After the result of the finals came out, both Kangana and Munavvar have to face the sentence. Some even said that the ending was fixed and said that Munawwar Farooqui’s name was chosen as the winner of TRP, while he was not a better contestant. Someone wrote: It is unfortunate to see that only Kangana made the winner who made lewd jokes about Hindu gods and goddesses. Through this, he has begun to seek sympathy from other communities that are still agitated by his proximity to the BJP.

One even wrote that the Kangana Ranaut drama will arrive on May 20. The kind of controversies that took place on behalf of Munavvar, Kangana, and the show will be discussed a lot due to her becoming the winner. Kangana knows very well how to use blocking for the promotion of Dhaakad. However, on this issue, everyone also defended Kangana. A Kangana fan shared photos of the Prime Minister hugging minorities and wrote: I always wondered why people call the right gobar bhakts. Years later I now have my answer. If Modi ji pulls off a masterstroke and when Kangana is seen doing the same honestly and professionally on the reality show, then those who are jealous of a woman are suffering.

Lockup is the first original reality show in the Indian OTT space. The first season of the show began airing on February 27 this year. In addition to Munavvar, a total of 20 male contestants participated in the show, including Payal Rohatgi, Anjali Arora, Shivam Sharma, Ajma Fallah, Prince Narula, Sayesha Shinde, Poonam Pandey, Ali Merchant, Karanvir Vihar, Zeeshan Khan, and Mandana Karimi. Four contestants had reached the final. Payal Rohatgi was the runner-up for the show. The show was in much discussion due to sensational revelations. Many controversies were also seen.

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