‘Muslim women should be kidnapped’: Godse II arrested for hate speech


  • He made an anti-Muslim hate speech.
  • Young man arrested for shooting civilians
  • Police Commissioner Varun Singla said one case has been registered.

New Delhi: A young man has been arrested for shooting at protesters during a protest against the Center’s controversial Citizenship Law. Police action was taken in the incident of making hate speech against Muslims. The young man made the controversial statement at the Pataudi Mahapanchayat in Haryana.

Manesar Police Deputy Commissioner Varun Singla said the young man was released from judicial custody. The young man’s speech called for an attack on the Muslim community and the kidnapping of Muslim women. With the release of the young speech petition, the police have taken a complaint with the perpetual complaint. Haryana police arrested a young man known as ‘Godse II’.

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The Mahapanchayat was formed under the auspices of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, and Go Samrakshak Sanghs in connection with love jihad, conversion, and population control. The young man made the controversial statement at a meeting attended by village chiefs and others.

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Also present were BJP Haryana State Unit Spokesperson and Karni Sena Chief Sooraj Pal Amu. They also reportedly made anti-Muslim statements. More than 100 policemen were present at the event. Police Commissioner Varun Singla said that a case against the youth has been registered in various sections. The young man has been accused of inciting enmity between other religions and inciting religious hatred.

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