Mysore University and abuse case: Mysore gang rape: Mysore University urges students not to leave after 6.30pm


  • Group rape case in Mysore.
  • University of Mysore with controversial circular.
  • Girls are advised not to go out at night.

Mysore: The University of Mysore has issued a controversial circular following the news of the gang rape of a Maharashtrian woman in Mysore, Karnataka. University officials have ordered students not to leave after 6.30pm.

The university’s search warrant states that the decision is based on the girls’ safety. “Girls should not go out after 6.30pm. Girls should not go near Lake Kukkarahalli. Security personnel should intensify surveillance and inspection in the area from 6pm to 9pm,” the circular said.

The university came out with a response to the circular controversy. “The students on these campuses in uninhabited areas were concerned about the safety of the police. It was in this context that it was decided to issue a special circular. It was intended that girls should not go alone to these uninhabited areas,” said the vice president of the University. said the Chancellor. At the same time, the circular does not contain instructions on children.

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The authorities have prohibited the girls from traveling alone in the Manasa Gangotri area until 6.30pm. Karnataka police arrested four people in connection with the gang rape of a woman on a bicycle with a friend. According to Asianet News, the defendants were arrested in Tamil Nadu. The woman, originally from Maharashtra, is in critical condition. There is little improvement in the young woman’s health. Police have not yet registered the woman’s statement. Last Thursday, a young woman was brutally assaulted by a friend in Chamundi, a tourist destination. A group of six gang-raped a young woman who was sitting and talking to a friend on a cliff at the foot of the hill.

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The young man who was with the girl told the police that the defendant had filmed the torture scenes with a mobile phone camera and demanded money so that the images would not be seen. The police investigation was based on the statement of a friend of the girl who was brutally beaten. An investigation into cell phone signals revealed that some outsiders had arrived on the day of the incident. Based on the statement of the woman’s friend, the investigation was extended to Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The investigation focused on 20 SIM cards that were in the area at the time. Six of these numbers were found to belong to college students. Of these, three SIM cards were registered in Tamil Nadu and one in Kerala. These students were also found to have not written the exam the next day. With this, the investigation was extended to neighboring states.

The country has set a goal of supplying one crore of vaccines a day.

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