mysuru gang rape: Mysore gang rape: four defendants arrested in Tamil Nadu – four defendants of mysuru gang rape allegedly arrested in tamil nadu


  • The investigation of the case advances
  • Advances in the young woman’s health
  • Some of the defendants are suspected of being Malaysian

Mysore: Karnataka police have arrested four people in connection with the gang rape of a woman riding a bicycle with a friend in a forest area of ​​Karnataka. According to Asianet News, the defendants were arrested in Tamil Nadu. No further details were available.

The woman, originally from Maharashtra, is in critical condition. There is little improvement in the young woman’s health. Police have not yet registered the woman’s statement. Last Thursday, a young woman was brutally assaulted by a friend in Chamundi, a tourist destination. The girl was gang-raped by a group of six while sitting and talking to a friend on a cliff in the hills. The gang demanded money from a young man and a woman in Maharashtra, but they refused to pay. The persecution continued. According to the young man, the defendant had filmed the torture scenes with a mobile camera and demanded money for not releasing the images.

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Although the attack was behind the attacks of the attack, it was clear that there was custody in custody. The police investigation was based on the statement of a friend of the girl who was brutally beaten. An investigation into cell phone signals revealed that some outsiders had arrived on the day of the incident. Based on the statement of the woman’s friend, the investigation was extended to Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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Thirty locals were questioned by the police in the case. When it became clear that they were not involved in the incident, the investigation focused on the location of the mobile phone. The investigation focused on 20 SIM cards that were in the area at the time. Six of these numbers were found to belong to college students. Of these, three SIM cards were registered in Tamil Nadu and one in Kerala. These students were also found to have not written the exam the next day. With this, the investigation was extended to neighboring states. However, it is unclear if these students are currently under arrest.

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According to the young man, all the members of the group were under the age of 30 and did not speak Kannada. As the woman has not yet filed a complaint in the case, the police are investigating the registered case voluntarily. The police are of the opinion that the statement can be recorded once the woman’s condition improves.

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