Naagin 6 Review: Do you know what the launch of Ekta Kapoor’s most famous show looks like?

The sixth season of Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural fantasy thriller series ‘Naagin’, made under the Balaji Telefilms banner, has begun. Its first episode aired on February 12. In it, actress Tejashwi Prakash, winner of season 15 of Bigg Boss, is seen in the lead role of Naagin. The look of her in the character of Pratha looks fabulous. Amidst her innocence and courage, her powerful performance is winning people’s hearts. Actress Mehak Chahal as Shesh Naagin, Simba Nagpal as the young soldier Rishabh, and Manit Joura as a teacher also look amazing. However, the character of the teacher in Manit Joura reminds one of a teacher from the famous Netflix show ‘La casa de papel’. His gaze and body language are exactly like him.

TV queen Ekta Kapoor has added a dash of patriotism with drama in this season of ‘Naagin’. This time the changed nature of the world due to the Corona epidemic is shown. In this, the snake does not appear for her personal interest or some revenge, but to save the country. He is seen fighting with the country’s enemies. In its first episode, it is shown that a biological war is brewing against the world in Chingistan, the neighboring country of India. Its main facilitator is the teacher (Manit Joura). He prepares the deadly virus in his laboratory. A virus escapes and begins to wreak havoc on the world. The people of India also begin to lose their lives. To save him, the snake system comes to the fore.

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The sixth season of the supernatural fantasy thriller series ‘Naagin’ has started on Colors TV.

After watching the first episode of ‘Naagin 6’, four main characters appear. Pratha, Shesh Naagin, Rishabh and the character of the professor. The first episode is woven around these characters. Actress Tejashwi Prakash has rocked the character of Ichhadhari Nagin Pratha. Excellent dialogue delivery coupled with her strong acting bring the show to life. She hasn’t looked weak anywhere compared to all the actresses seen in the role of snake before her. Tejashwi’s brilliance remains intact. Her chemistry with Simmb Nagpal is also good. Mehak Chahal is wreaking havoc in the role of Shesh Naagin. His beauty and personality is the strongest aspect of him. Not only this, Ekta Kapoor has also given her character more space on the screen, so that she can emerge.

Simba Nagpal looks quite handsome in the role of a young Rishabh soldier. But he needs to do some work on delivering dialogue from him. Apart from these, the most discussed is the character of Manit Joura, Professor, because he is being counted as a copy of the Professor, a character from the famous Netflix series ‘La casa de papel’. Although Manit has done his job well, he would have been more fun if his character was original. Last but not least, it is necessary to talk about Ekta Kapoor. Ekta is the mastermind of this show. The way he has made the epidemic a matter of entertainment, his courage is to be admired. Because those themes are out of place for supernatural fantasy series like Naagin. Still, his story seems interesting to watch. In general, it can be said that the beginning of ‘Naagin 6’ is good, but it will be interesting to see how the result turns out, because many times the unit stories deviate.

We inform you that this series by Ekta Kapoor has been very popular since the very first season. The first reason for this is that people like the world of fantasy very much. In this series, such a fantasy world is created, in which Ichhadhari Nag-Nagin is seen saving each other, going to the sea and fighting with aquatic creatures. In this there is competition with jealousy, along with friendship enmity is also known. All of these qualities are human, connecting the audience with the series. Second, having a story based on interesting creatures like Nag-Nagin. India has been called the country of snakes and snakes. The reason for this is that the way animals like cow, buffalo and dog live in our homes, similarly snakes are found in large numbers in villages today. Humans have a strange relationship with snakes. Because of this series people like it.

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