narendra modi: empire built by terrorism won’t last: prime minister modi – prime minister narendra modi says empires built by terrorism can’t last long


  • Rs 100 million projects inaugurated at Somnath temple
  • Prime Minister Against Terrorism
  • Modi’s response during the Taliban uprising

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indirectly reacted to the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister said empires built on terror would not last long. The Prime Minister was speaking at the inauguration of the construction work on the Somnath Temple in Gujarat.

“Destructive forces and ideas are trying to create an empire through terror. They may be able to do it for a while, but it won’t last. They won’t be able to oppress humans for long.” Said the Prime Minister. According to Business Line, the prime minister was indirectly referring to the Mughal rulers who destroyed the Somnath temple. The Prime Minister recalled that each time the temple was demolished, the rebuilding work on the temple continued. Development work worth Rs 100 million is underway in connection with the temple. The event was inaugurated in virtual format.

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The prime minister’s response came after US troops withdrew from Afghanistan, overthrowing a democratic government and establishing the Taliban regime. India is concerned about the new situation in Afghanistan.

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The Prime Minister said that our thinking should be to improve the present by learning lessons from history. This is how we must build the future. The Prime Minister said that in order to advance India as a whole, not only ideas and borders must be taken into account, but also the past and thus the India of the future must be strengthened.

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