national crime registry office: Kochi and Kozhikode listed; 77 rape cases per day, number of crimes in the country on the rise – latest report from the national office of crime registries in india


  • There is no decrease in the number of crimes in the country.
  • The crime rate increased to 28 percent last year.
  • Violence against women is high.

New Delhi: The National Criminal Records Bureau (NCB) has said that the number of crimes in the country has not decreased in the months since Kovid-19 restrictions imposed by the police. The crime rate in the country rose to 28 percent last year. According to a report published on Tuesday, the number of cases of treason, rape and murder is high.

Compared to 2019, the number of crimes in 2020 has decreased. Last year, more than 5,600 cases were reported across the country. The report also indicates that last year 77 cases of rape were reported per day in various police stations. So many cases of rape have been reported in a situation in which legal actions have been strengthened to prevent violence against women and underage girls.

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Last year a total of 3,71,503 crimes against women were registered throughout the country. 28,153 cases of rape were reported. The highest number of rape cases was recorded in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Assam. Of the 28,153 cases of rape, 25,498 were victims of adult women. 2,655 are under the age of eighteen.

Last year a total of 5,613 crimes were reported, including treason, UAPA and destruction of public property. 7,607 people were arrested in these cases. As of 2019, 7,656 cases were reported.

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Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of reported cases last year. About 39 percent of the cases reported in the country are in UP. Figures are for Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Jammu and Kashmir. Northeastern states lead 73 treason cases. Assam came in second with 15 cases reported in Manipur. Of the 796 UAPA cases, 287 are in Jammu and Kashmir. Manipur and Jharkhand are lagging behind.

The report also covers atrocities in Kerala. Kochi has the 11th highest rate of crimes against women and Kozhikode has the 13th highest number of crimes against women. These figures are lower than those of 2019. There has been a 200% increase in cases related to fake news. At the same time, the National Office of Criminal Records said that the increase in the number of cases was due to the strengthening of procedures for cases in violation of Kovid regulations. 578 fake news were reported on social media. There have also been reports of cyberbullying or bullying against 972 women and children, 149 incidents of fake profiles, and 98 data thefts. At the same time, there are many unreported cases.

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