Navarasa: Tamil cinema is amazing, the proceeds from the film are dedicated to the victims of Corona!

The production of the Netflix original Tamil web series ‘Navras’ is commendable in many ways. The series will air from August 6 next month. Nine stories will be shown in it. The series has been associated with the great personalities of the South Indian film world. The nine short stories that will be shown in this are based on the nine rasas, that is, emotions. Mani Ratnam and Jayendra have teamed up for series production. The most important thing about Navras is its purpose. In reality, the proceeds from Navras will be awarded to help people who were affected in the shutdown during the Corona epidemic. None of the actors and directors associated with the series has received any remuneration for their work.

This step of the Tamil industry is nothing less than an example to help the people affected by the epidemic. Different Indian film industries and movie stars have made many efforts at their level to deal with the epidemic. Certainly, the personal efforts of many stars in difficult times were very great and commendable. But there is no such case in which such a collective effort has been made to help day laborers in large-scale industry. All project proceeds must go to those in need in the industry affected by the closure.

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Proceeds from the project will reportedly be donated to members of the South India Film Employees Federation. Members who are on the lowest rung in the industry and work as day laborers. Construction of Navras started in October last year after unlocking. Since the end of March this year, the prepaid cards were distributed to the workers of the industry identifying them. Through this card, each beneficiary is expected to receive 1,500 per month for five months. It is said that more than 11 thousand people from the film and theater industry will receive help. This help has a lot of meaning for workers in the epidemic.

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All the fans of the cinema of the South are associated with Navras. This includes directors, actors, musicians, singers, and technicians. Most of them are veterans of Indian and Tamil cinema. Veteran actors like Suriya, Vijay Sethupathi, Arvind Swamy, Ashok Selvan, Naga Shaurya, Siddharth, Prakash Raj, Mani Kuttan are part of the project. The Navras trailer has been released.

You can see the trailer below: –

A total of nine stories in Navaras have been directed by Ratindran R Prasad, Arvind Swami, Bijoy Nambiar, Gautam Vasudev Menon, Sarjun KM, Priyadarshan, Karthik Naren, Karthik Subbaraj, and Vasant. Everyone has directed different parts. The veteran actor will be seen in the lead role in every story.

Anger, compassion, anger, hatred, fear, laughter, love, peace, and wonder are the nine rasa. At the center of these stories have been woven. The duration of each story is 30 to 40 minutes. Navras also has 10 music tracks. Navras title theme has been composed by IR Rahman. All eyes will be on the use of Tamil industry in the series. Madras Talkies, Mani Ratnam’s banner, will also make a digital debut through Navras. The filming of the project took place after the first phase of the Corona epidemic.

The purpose of Navras is commendable.

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