Navya Naveli’s mature hair is visible, in your opinion, should white hair be dyed?

Since a few days, more attention is being paid to hair color. Brother, the hair is yours, so your wish must also be yours. If you want, dye your hair and if you don’t feel like it, leave it wavy.

A few days ago there was talk of the gray hair of Sameera Reddy, Niyati Joshi and now Navya Naveli Nanda. She talks about hair because he has turned white. The mind wants these white hairs to ask her if she wants to paint or stay that way.

A few days ago there was talk of the gray hair of Sameera Reddy, Niyati Joshi and now Navya Naveli

After all, why does people’s hair turn white at such a young age? The people of old were right, whose hair was not white ahead of time and no one used to make fun of them. Previously, the meaning of white hair was used to refer to old age. People didn’t even dye their hair that much at the time. Only natural mehndi, shikakai and amla used to work. Now, even a big celebrity’s hair turns white at a young age, while following a good diet. From this it became clear that no one has any emphasis on these hairs.

In fact, Navya Naveli Nanda has shared her photos on her Instagram, in which she looks gorgeous in a pink saree with curly hair. We don’t mind her white hair. But I don’t know why there is so much emphasis on white hair in the photo. Seeing her photo, people praise her beauty. Bollywood stars also like her looks when commenting, but everyone’s attention has been focused on white hair. Why do we have to talk about it when it is so normal to have white hair?

When we see someone’s black hair, we don’t say anything, it just means that white is fine but there is a shortage of black hair. As she shared the photo, Navya Naveli wrote in the caption-Special: My white hair. While Navya is laughing in the first photo, she looks a bit sad in the second photo. She seems like she is worried about her gray hair. People are comforting Navya saying that even though your hair has turned white, you look very beautiful…

Some are sharing photos of armpit hair and some gray hair, but why? This is your property, if you want, shave, if you want, then dye it or not, but what’s the need to show off by sharing on social media? Do you want to ask if gray hair should be dyed or not…?

Well, what do we do? For us, you were blooming before and you will continue to bloom even after dyeing, this is the difference between white and black hair, you will feel it more. So prepare yourself first, what does the world say? What do you mean by that? There is a lot of sadness in the world and work too… so if you are worried about your gray hair, then put a picture of yourself, maybe people will come to comfort you or comfort you too…

If you say that those who don’t dye their hair white are good, are those who dye their hair bad? After hearing the applause from the gray-haired people, we thought it was a crime to dye our hair.

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