Nawab’s owner and friends of Shahrukh raise a strange question in the Aryan Khan drug case!

Perhaps now it has become a trend to look at everything through a political lens. Party politics is so dominant that the existence of all systems begins to look suspicious. It is difficult to detect the truth or falsehood in something. There are many stories related to truth and lies. The web of stories is so deep that the facts become questionable. The facts are suspect even in the case of drugs and also in the case of Lakhimpur Kheri. In Lakhimpur, even the blind can tell that the vehicles of the convoy of BJP leaders trampled on farmers who were going peacefully on the road. What difference does it make to who was sitting in the car? If it’s not Thetharai, then what happens? Despite everything being clear, the minister (Ajay Mishra Teni) remains in the chair and his son is out of jail. Rather than creating fundamental pressure, the opposition is also playing tricks to gain an advantage in the UP elections.

If this doesn’t make the facts dubious, make up stories for personal gain, and mislead people, then what is? In Lakhimpur Kheri, the chief minister of Chhattisgarh sits in a dharna for farmers, announces compensation of lakhs of rupees, and at the same time, poor tribes are stirring in their own state. Taking out the long gear. Praying for justice. But the attention of the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh does not go there. Lakhimpur is more important to them. The BJP leaders are also trying to cover up Lakhimpur Kheri in a shameful way by exposing the incidents of atrocities in the states of Congress. This is probably the worst phase of politics.

In the Aryan case, the fact that the disputed cruise ship was raided by the NCB is the rave party indictment. NCB has recovered drugs and talks as evidence. The fact is also that the BJP leaders were seen in the OCN office. Between these two things is another fact that when Aryan was captured, his name did not appear immediately. For hours there were reports that the son of a great celebrity had been captured. The next day it was clear in the afternoon: Aryan Khan is the son of the great celebrity. Why was Aryan’s name hidden for hours? Following the lead found in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, NCB has been taking individual actions for the past year and a half. Several drug dealers were caught. Controversial evidence and conversations about the stars’ involvement have also come to light. Many important celebrities were questioned and even some arrests were made. But such questions were not raised. The matter also did not become Hindu Muslim. As seen continuously now. It’s okay. NCB has made accusations in the Aryan case. Lawyers argue in defense. The court has heard the arguments of both parties. If the court does not grant Aryan bail, something or the other will likely happen.

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Who should decide on Aryan: media, public, court or Bollywood?

But to say that the agency is of the government, the court is the dictatorship of the government, would that be completely correct? Someone is telling Aryan Khan that he is innocent just because he is only 23 years old. Someone is raising the question that he is a Muslim. The measure is also that some people are questioning only the modest amount of drug recovered in the raid. An officer famous for his honesty is also being abused on social media. Knowing the side of the officer’s wife, it is known how his family is feeling the pressure due to the high-profile case. The statements and reasoning of the people in favor of Aryan are a clear indication that the fear of the officer’s wife is not illegitimate. The problem is, like Shahrukh’s friends, he can’t even speak on the open platform. The court has to decide what is right and what is wrong. Who denies that Aryan can be innocent. But who has the right to make this decision? Shashi Tharoor, Nawab Malik or Shahrukh’s friends in the film industry who are creating an atmosphere on social media in favor of King Khan’s son. Now it is up to the court to prove what is right and what is wrong.

Why are people forgetting that NCB’s action is not defaming any city? Is it a secret that drugs have no access to Bollywood? Many accusations have been proven. Nor is it a secret that drug trafficking would not run any tapori in the street. There is an international level black business, which can only be operated by a white-collar and influential person. The buyers and sellers of the entire game are the same people. Shashi Tharoor, asking for mercy for the 23-year-old Aryan, is probably forgetting that among the rapists in Nirbhaya, there was a minor who was accused of the most inhumanity. Aryans may be innocent, but it is fatal to create a favorable atmosphere by citing the logic of their religion and their time. Having an influential family and a young age does not reduce the accusations against anyone. Tharoor sahib- There is no mercy in the dictionary of law. The law is equal for everyone. Shahrukh’s son did not come from any other planet, which would lower the law differently for him.

Why should the owner’s question bother the nawab?

What to say about the Nawab Malik accusations? The Minister of the Interior whose party has lost his chair for the position of leading a police union for recovery, in whose government a corrupt policeman is reinstated and a lesser inspector looks stronger than the IPS, the leader of the same government is saying that in Aryan’s case the action is political. Why the need for political action? Shahrukh opposes the BJP government? Tweeting against the government. They are giving donations to the parties to overthrow the BJP governments. Promotion of a party. Shahrukh has long maintained his political distance. Such cheap political divisions are fatal in the future. The existence of a drug trade in Mumbai is a fact. You don’t even need to say who the racket is for. It is not the duty of the common Mumbaikar to have such expensive hobbies. Along with Nawab Saheb, Aryan Khan and a few other people before him have also been captured. Well, I didn’t even have the option to play the victim card, as you are trying to do so on behalf of Shahrukh being Muslim.


In fact, what can supporters do better for Aryan?

Those who help Aryan Khan must ask questions in the right way. Actions may have been taken at the behest of the government. The owner of Nawab can take those videos that are of people on board the cruise. There will also be CCTV on the cruise. They should also stand out. The raid was carried out on the basis of a great advantage, it was not a trivial operation. There is a possibility that a videography of such operations has also been made. NCB also claims to have received the WhatsApp chat. It is almost clear that among the informants are some people accused of being linked to the BJP. Nor can political conspiracy be ruled out. The PNC should also bring such evidence of Aryan’s innocence into the public domain, as they have posted videos of BJP leaders.

It is not justified to question just because the government is under a central agency, so it is working under its pressure. The fear is that no one, Nawab Malik or Shashi Tharoor, will hold the central government responsible for the latest situation in Kashmir, as all of this has been done to divert attention from Lakhimpur Kheri. All of this was said about the Pulwama terror incident. When there was a surgical attack in Pakistan, the leaders asked the army for evidence.

Stop all this. It is not right to give everything Hindu-Muslim and the government against the opposition. Dirty politics is visible everywhere. When the trial on the matter takes place in a public court, then the Nawab Malik should present the evidence of Aryan’s innocence in the public domain instead of the stories of political involvement. What is the heat of the mold? The milk will turn into milk and the water will turn into water. Movie stars should also stop the public trial, in whose eyes Aryan Khan has already been proven innocent.

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