Nawazuddin Siddiqui has shown Bollywood the mirror, will filmmakers like Karan Johar notice?

The largest building collapses in the storm. Everywhere there is a scene of devastation. Something similar is happening in Bollywood right now. The storm of the cinema of the South has devastated Bollywood. Alam is that many great filmmakers and artists are going to the shelter of South Cinema to stay safe. At the same time, some actors are now speaking out against the continuing injustice in Bollywood. Actress Kangana Ranaut has spoken a lot about the nepotism that has taken root here. She has even directly accused filmmakers like Karan Johar of being an abbot, calling him a patron of nepotism. Meanwhile, another outside artist, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, has also done the job of showing a mirror to Bollywood. Now it will be necessary to see if the abbot of Bollywood, after considering his words, improves them or ignores them.

The mirror that Nawazuddin has shown to Bollywood is doing the job of sprinkling salt on the burn.

Actually, the video of an interview of the actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Click here to see) is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this, he is asked that if he is given any power and asked to make three changes in Bollywood, what will he do? In response to this question, the actor tells Tapak that he will first change the name of the film industry from Bollywood to Hindi. Nawaz said, “First of all, I would like to change the name of Bollywood. Why is it called Bollywood after all? Why isn’t it called the Hindi film industry? When we all work in Hindi film, then the name of this industry should being a Hindi film industry. Nawazuddin further says, “The second thing I would like to change is the script, which is written in Roman. It becomes very difficult to remember. That’s why I demand a script written in Devanagari Hindi.

On the sets of a Hindi movie, the conversation is conducted in English instead of Hindi. Speak English from producer to director. Expressing sorrow at this, Nawazuddin Siddiqui says, “There is a strange atmosphere seen during the shooting of our films. The film is being made in Hindi, but from the director to the assistant they speak in English. The actor is not able to understand. The director doesn’t know what line he’s talking on. The assistant is making his pudding while doing something, you know, the actor is alone. This affects the performance. The actor is half understanding things. He who is a good actor is a stage actor , the poor man who does not know English, is not able to understand, looking here and there, what is happening, what is happening, he is not able to understand his own character.

Praising the producer, director, artist and technical team that work at South Cinema, Nawaz says that the people there are proud of their language. Everyone will find you speaking in their own language. The actor says, “What is it in the south that if they are Tamil they are proud to speak Tamil, if they are Kannada they also speak their own language? There the writer also speaks Kannada, the screenwriter also speaks his own language. All the people in the place, from the director to the make-up artist, speak in their own language. In such a situation, the environment that will be created, some different product will definitely be made. Because those people understand each other very easily. There is such a trend in Bollywood that the director is in a separate line, the actor is isolated, which affects the performance.

If seen, Nawazuddin’s words have merit. When you don’t respect your own language, how are you going to develop it? If the film is made with English in mind for the entertainment of the Hindi-speaking people in the Hindi belt, then the result will be similar to what is being seen today. There has been rapid change in the film industry in the post-90s era, which has been negative. Especially after taking over Bollywood, production house owners like Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra have tried to run it their way. Efforts have been made to make money just by making formula-based movies without much work. Since people didn’t have any choice then, they used to go to those movies out of obligation. People didn’t even know that cinema could be better than this. But South Cinema has not only gained popularity after its vigorous entry, it has also exposed Bollywood. Artists like Kangana Ranaut and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are doing the right thing by pulling back the curtain on reality from Bollywood.

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