Netflix is ​​falling behind Disney Hotstar-Amazon Prime in the content race!

Tired of waiting for theaters, Bollywood producers are now slowly moving towards OTT. Bollywood’s apprehensions and hesitations were demolished by the pandemic. This is the reason why during the pandemic, many large projects were streamed one by one on different OTT platforms. This trend seems to continue. But the interesting thing is not the growth of content on the OTT platform, but the competition between OTT platforms. The tug of war is clearly visible on Disney Plus Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.

Bhuj: The Pride of India will air on Disney before Independence Day next month. On the other hand, Amazon has also partnered with Karan Johar and has announced that it will stream its Sher Shah exclusively before Independence Day. Movies are in the popular patriotic category. Farhan Akhtar’s Toofan is currently streaming on Amazon. Both platforms continuously stream large and popular projects and shows. continually. Zee5 also had an exclusive release of Salman Khan’s Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai recently. But in terms of user base, Netflix, the fourth-largest platform in the country, seems slow compared to its competitors.

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According to Omdia, Disney Plus Hotstar has the highest share of the online video subscription platform. Only Disney has 41% of total subscriptions. While the second number is Eros Now with 24%. Amazon’s share is 9%, Netflix has 7% and G5-ALT Balaji has 4-4%. The rest is in the hands of Sony Liv (3%) and other platforms. It’s worth noting that Disney is a multi-content platform. Here you can also watch news videos, live broadcasts of matches and television series. There are movies and web series. Considering that said content is not available on platforms such as Amazon and Netflix. Mainly content such as movies, web shows and documentaries are available here.

Disney’s user base isn’t just like that. There are actually two types of content on any OTT platform. One buying the digital rights to a movie or show and the other through exclusive content. That is, content that cannot be found on other platforms or media. Apart from the plans of the telcos, exclusive content plays an important role in boosting the OTT platform’s user base. After theaters closed, Amazon and Disney have released many major movies. This is why Disney has achieved tremendous growth in the Corona era. Disney’s subscription base was 8 million in April 2020, which reached close to 25 million at the end of 2020. Netflix only reached 4.4 million out of 2.4 million in 2019. Two years ago, Netflix seemed more aggressive than your competitors.

According to a Bloomberg report that came out a few weeks ago, Netflix’s user base is on a downward trend. This is a worldwide trend. According to Ampere Analysis, Netflix subscribers in the US fell 31% in one year. It doesn’t seem accidental that Netflix doesn’t have the same range of popular Hindi content compared to others. While in recent months, Amazon has broadcast many movies exclusively. Amazon also offers Hindi dubbed content on a large scale. But still, Netflix looks better in terms of content quality and on-demand shows.

Why is Disney Hotstar-Amazon Prime looking to the future?

Actually, Disney, Amazon, and G5 come with attractive and aggressive subscription plans. Users are focusing more on enhanced local content than on Netflix. If you look at these platforms, after the epidemic, they have all been streaming new shows and some big movies in recent months. Netflix also brought the plan, but the range of content it was getting headlines for is somewhat smaller. It can be said that Netflix has a lack of popular content compared to the competition in the country. Most Bollywood movies go to Amazon and Disney. The G5 is taking over those who remain. Netflix will have to focus on popular content. Based on this content, Amazon is trying to compete with Disney with an advantage over Netflix. And Disney has started to focus more on this content in recent months to maintain royalty.

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