No major cricket match should be played in England, former superstar receives harsh criticism


  • India draws with New Zealand in World Cup final
  • Peterson says there isn’t a big cricket match in the UK
  • They were abandoned on the first and fourth day of the Trial Championship

Southampton: Kevin Pietersen has been criticized for his role in the World Test final between India and England. Peterson is of the opinion that no big game should be played in the UK. The former player also points out that the celebration of the decisive match in England will cause the rain to interfere.

“I’m very sorry to hear that,” Peterson said. But this is the reality. He tweeted that big games shouldn’t be held in the UK. Even when the 2019 World Cup was held in the UK, the rain used to come as a villain. At the same time, it was criticized that the climate was not conducive to hosting large tournaments.

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The two days of the Test Championship final were not played in their entirety. The game was canceled on the first and fourth days. During the remaining two days, it often rained heavily. India scored 217 in the first innings, while New Zealand lost two wickets for 101 runs. With only one day left of play, it was almost certain that the match would not go well. With this, New Zealand and India will share the Test Championship title.

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Kyle Jamison, who took five wickets for India, was New Zealand’s top scorer. India did not perform as well as expected in hitting. New Zealand bowlers took advantage of the gloomy weather and the favorable nature of the field. It has been speculated that India would have lost the test championship if the full match had been played.

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