No More Trouble With Basil – The Proper Way To Care For The Herb

With hardly any other herb are joy and sorrow as close together as with basil. Crisp, fresh and wonderfully fragrant, it beams at us in the supermarket and says “Come on, take me with you, this time everything will be different. Just look how healthy I look!”. Well, we let ourselves be softened and once again a pot of herbs for almost Rs.200 ends up in the shopping cart. After just under a week in the home kitchen, the suffering of the basil plant reliably announces itself. The leaves become laxer and laxer, some flies crawl out of the ground and after about 10 days the southern flair has degenerated into a pitiful sight.

Honestly, I too have had my share of experiences with basil. But it can also work! Here are my ultimate tips for basil care for you!

Buying basil is not the solution

Now let’s be honest, why are there herbs in pots on every corner – because they stay crisp and fresh for so long in our home? I’m sure they don’t. Apparently, basil hardly lasts long for anyone. But the reason is not your green thumb. We have to go deeper. The basil was grown in the best conditions in the greenhouse and brought into top shape for the time of sale. The transport in the truck, the standing around in the supermarket and then the short trip in your shopping bag – the tender basil just can’t take it. It arrives in a new climate zone, shaken by all the traveling: Your kitchen. That’s too much at once. The tasty herb is completely exhausted and throws in the towel. It quickly becomes clear that buying is simply not a permanent solution.

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Propagate or sow

The coexistence works much better with a basil plant that you have grown yourself. It is accustomed to your home from the beginning and does not need to be transported.

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Either you sow the herb or make it even easier for yourself. Basil is easy to propagate by cuttings. To do this, you can buy one last pot of herbs. Cut several cuttings from it (approx. 8-10 cm. long shoots and remove the lower leaves) and place them in a cup/egg cup/etc. with water. After only a few days the first fine roots will appear. After 2 weeks, these will be developed enough that you can place each shoot in a pot with rich organic potting soil. Your own basil plant cultivation is ready! You can do this all year round.

Harvest basil properly

In order for your plant to last a long time, it is also important to harvest it correctly. Do not cut off the stems indiscriminately with scissors. This hurts the basil and it will no longer grow. It is better to cut off the leaves just above the leaf axil. New leaves will grow at this point. When these are large, you can harvest the “old” outer leaves.

I hope now it works better in the future with you and the delicious basil! Of course I’m also curious how your experiences are so and what you have so for tips!

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