No one can stop elephants anymore!

The central government has taken strict measures to find and protect elephant tracks. The project, which aims to reduce the conflict between humans and elephants, will begin on October 18. The decision has been made to locate and notify elephants in several states and across state and state lines. The Ministry of Forests estimates that this will prevent construction activities that could impede the movement of elephants. Anatara is a traditional wild route from one forest to another. Elephants can only protect themselves if these paths are protected. Union Forestry Minister Bhupender Yadav has said that the authenticity of the elephants will be verified and land use verified in the Elephant Reserve using Geographical Communication Technology (GIS). Dr. Prajna Panda of the Forest Ministry’s Elephant Project told the Indian Express that the problem was that there was a discrepancy between the list of elephants prepared by the states and the list maintained by the Central Government. ” This year you have defined exactly what an elephant is. Guidelines for the identification of elephants have also been developed. This will help avoid confusion. Examining the nature of the land use will also help determine what plans can be put in place to protect each elephant. Prajna Panda explained.

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Elephant problems

According to the Ministry of Forests, there are some serious changes in the elephant population. A joint study by the Ministry of Forests and the Indian Wildlife Foundation in 2005 found that there were 88 elephants in the country. But a 2015 study found the number of elephants to be 101. “Elephants have been forced to build new roads due to human-induced obstruction,” said Dr. Krishna Kumar, head of conservation at the Wildlife Trust of India. . Sandeep Kumar Tiwari said. Seven elephants have been abandoned in a decade due to man-made obstacles and other problems. If they are taken into account, the total number of elephants will be 108. He said the main problem was infrastructure projects such as roads and railways, as well as agriculture and plantation projects. Sandeep Kumar Tiwari alleges. According to the 2005 records, 24 percent of the country’s elephants were completely covered with forests. Currently only 12.9 percent of elephants are fully forested.

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The performances will begin on the 18th
The elephants will be inspected by officials in the four elephant-rich areas of the country. Awareness classes for forest officials and NGOs in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand started on Friday. Similar classes will be held in other areas. After that, the project will start on the 18th. According to the Ministry of Forestry, many of the elephants registered in the past were inhabited. Later, humans came to some of the elephants. This caused that the natural way of the elephants was invaded. It is also a problem that some elephants pass through private land. Therefore, the Ministry of Forests will issue a notice restricting the use of land on private land. Allow constructions that do not impede the freedom of movement of elephants on private land.

Human-elephant conflict
A total of 4,642 people were killed in clashes between humans and elephants during 2009-2019. 1025 elephants also died. In West Bengal alone, 821 people died. About 640 elephants have died in the country so far. According to the Ministry of Forests, 170 elephants died when the train hit them and 62 elephants died from poisoning. According to the Wildlife Trust of India, each year between 400 and 450 people are killed in a conflict between humans and elephants in the country. More than 100 elephants have been killed in retaliation by humans.

Kerala and Ananthara
According to the records of the Central Ministry of Environment and Forests, there are 12 elephants in Kerala. There are elephants on the border between Kerala and Karnataka and on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Most of Kerala’s elephants are already insured. The Periya-Kottiyoor elephant is alleged to be halfway there. ****

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