Now it is confirmed, the success of the film Shershaah is love for Vikram Batra

Shershaah Movie based on the life of Vikram Batra is receiving immense love from the audience on OTT even after a month of airing. It is the love of the audience that despite the arrival of new films, Sher Shah does not seem to be weakening. Rather, many new movies and shows that have appeared on OTT after this are also seen behind Shershah in popularity. This is the reason why the film, adorned with the lead roles of Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani, has achieved many records so far. The movie has the highest rating on IMDb. It also remains at the top in terms of streaming views.

Because of Shershah, Siddharth is seen going back to the days of Malhotra. Nor did he expect the immense success the film has achieved in the last few weeks after release. The rhythm has not stopped yet. After all, what is the secret of the success of the Vishnuvardhan-directed film Dharma Productions? Is there any other reason behind the success of this movie due to Siddharth’s outstanding performance?

Sher Shah is the film of the country’s war hero, Captain Vikram Batra, who was martyred in the 1999 war. Vikram had shown amazing bravery in the war and was martyred at the age of just 24. Before being martyred, he snatched many posts from Kargil in Pakistan. The greatest thing about the Kargil war is that the Pakistani army infiltrators were in a much better position from a strategic point of view than India, despite the courage of the country’s soldiers, they did not stand in front of them and had to run away. Those who did not run were killed.

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Vikram’s discussion of Sher Shah was as much as it is today, 22 years ago, even during the war, he had the same discussion. He had become the beloved of the country. Some of his interviews came out. He also had an interview with Barkha Dutt on this. Without fear, Vikram’s words and his bravery had made the entire country his admirer. Hardly any soldier has been so popular in Indian military history. Vikram had become a role model for young people in those days when stories of his bravery were published in the newspapers.

Sher Shah’s success is more Vikram’s success than Siddharth-Kiara’s. It is the success of that war hero, which the people of the country have not been able to forget even after 22 years of martyrdom. Sher Shah is also the only Bollywood movie about a soldier who was martyred in the Kargil war. The film has given younger generations the opportunity to see the war and understand its history. Also to know the courage of a martyr. The martyr who had come from a common family to serve the country in the army and when he had the opportunity, he did not back down. He neither thought about family nor cared about his life. This is the biggest contributor to the success of the film.

More importantly, apart from the Kargil war, many important aspects have been shown in the life of Vikram Batra. One of them is her love story with Dimple Cheema. This is a very passionate love story that was left incomplete due to Vikram’s martyrdom. Dimple fell in love with Vikram and never married after his martyrdom.

Sidharth Malhotra played the role of Vikram Batra while Kiara plays the role of Dimple Cheema. The work of both is satisfactory. But it doesn’t even have to be called outstanding. The movie is good too. Ajay Devgan’s war movie Bhuj the Pride of India also opened with Sher Shah. It was felt that both films, full of patriotism, would bring each other. Shershah survived the loss, but Bhuj failed to impress the audience. There was no similar story to that of Vikram Batra in Bhuj.

It is clear that three big reasons have brought Sher Shah to the pinnacle of success. In general, the main reasons for the success of the film are seen: the battle of Kargil, the bravery and life of Vikram Batra, his passionate love story with Dimple Cheema. These three factors have made the well-made film immense in popularity. Trending experts even say that if Sher Shah had arrived in normal days before Karona, she would have shattered many records for success at the box office.

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