Now the dead come out of the grave too, just deactivating the profile will not hit Brahmastra!

Social networks are the place where the dead not only come out of the grave but say a lot without saying anything. Social networks have put the Lanka of Bollywood. Mayanagari has always managed to crack down on media stardom, but she doesn’t seem to have any control over the social media name. After Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chaddha, another great Bollywood movie, ‘Brahmastra’, is caught up in the social media trial. There is tremendous opposition. All the corpses have come out of the grave. People are seen getting furious after seeing them. Many stars may even have hired employees to delete old reviews on their profiles. Those who have not been able to do this have also had to deactivate the profile.

Supposedly a big name also comes from the company of Karan Johar and is being used as a weapon against Brahmastra. mensxp In one of his reports, he said that some factions of the Boycott gang have created a ruckus on social media regarding Shrimi Verma. The report quoted Boycott Lobby as saying that Shrimi Dharma is an executive on the production. Many controversial tweets are being shared from the alleged Twitter handle of Shrimi Verma. In these tweets, Modi and his supporters have been heavily criticized.

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Such screenshots of the tweet are very viral.

Along with faith in the tweet, it also points to sexuality, vulgar language.

Some of the tweets shared as screenshots are highly objectionable. In these, the sexuality of people of the same ideology has also been commented on in very vulgar language. While under the guise of cow urine, the faith of Hindus can also be attacked. Now the boycott lobby is spreading the understanding by putting these tweets to the fore that this is the opinion of people associated with Dharma Production. By describing Dharma Productions as Hinduophobic, an appeal is made not to see their film ‘Brahmastra’.

On the other hand, in a story related to the trend Boycott Brahmastra in India has claimed that Shrimi Verma has deactivated her Twitter account after the Dharma Production employee’s tweet went viral. iChowk checked Shrimi Verma’s handling. The issue of being handled in the search is coming out, but the account isn’t coming out at the moment. An account with this name was probably deactivated four days ago. However, previews of some tweets from the account are visible in Google search results. However, nothing has been revealed about this officially. At least not in iChowk’s eyes.

brahmastraThe identifier bearing the name of Shrimi Verma is now deactivated.

What did right-wing Islamist fact-checker Mohammad Zubair say?

However, the International Alt News faculty fact checker and right-wing Islamist Mohammad Zubair have come out strongly on the alleged Twitter account of Shrimi Verma’s name. He retweeted a tweet about Shrimi. He claimed that this is nothing more than propaganda by right-wing trolls.

Shrimi’s alleged viral tweets are counted from the year 2019 to 2021. Well, whoever Shrimi Verma is and if she is associated with Dharma Productions and rumors are spreading about her, then she should come forward and file a police report. Such bad things cannot be tolerated. Things have been going on with her name for a week now; it is also important to clarify it.

As far as Brahmastra is concerned, it is the most expensive movie ever made in the history of Bollywood. Brahmastra’s budget is more than 400 million rupees. The film will also be released in southern languages, including Hindi. The Dharma Productions film is directed by Ayan Mukerji. While Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy will be seen in major roles. There is also talk that Shahrukh Khan will have a tremendous cameo in the film. Brahmastra will be released in theaters on September 9.

Business circles are keeping an eye on this Karan Johar movie, but BoycottGang seems to be zeroing in on it as well.

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