Now you can easily book; IRCTC with attractive change in ticket reservation


  • Quick booking
  • Prompt refund
  • Radical change

New Delhi: Indian Railways has good news for train passengers. From now on, if you cancel a ticket booked through the app or app, you won’t have to wait two or three days to get your money back.

Passengers booking through IRCTC-IP, IRCTC’s payment gateway, will receive a refund immediately if the ticket is canceled. IRCTC-IP was launched as part of the Central Government Digital India Campaign. The IRCTC website has also been modified in this regard.

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An IRCTC spokesperson said that in addition to ticket cancellations, it will also be possible to reserve temporary tickets and regular tickets through the new arrangements. He added that the new updates will help book tickets much faster.

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Let’s see how to book tickets through IRCTC-IP.

  • IRCTC Open Website (
  • Fill in the information related to the trip
  • Select the train to the destination
  • Open the website with the login information
  • Provide information to the traveler
  • Click Pay and book
  • Enter credit / debit / prepaid / UPI card information
  • The client will receive the reservation information via SMS and email as soon as the payment is made.
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