One may be surprised to see Allu Arjun’s behavior compared to Bollywood stars!

Not that Allu Arjun was a completely unknown face to the Hindi audience before Pushpa: The Rise. There is no shortage of Hindi audiences who want Telugu stars. The popularity of his dubbed movies on television is an example of this. But this is the first time that Allu reached the audience directly in the Hindi region through the action entertainer Pushpa and was taken by the hand. That too when Pushpa was not heavily promoted and had two big movies compared to her at the box office: Hollywood’s Spiderman No Way Home and the Bollywood sports drama 83. After the amazing success of the Hindi version of Pushpa, Allu is now being discussed everywhere and with this, all aspects of the actor’s personality are also coming out and talking about him.

Their interviews are being seen on the Internet. People praise his personality. Even her mannerisms are compared to Bollywood stars and people are open to Allu looking very humble and traditional compared to Mumbai stars. By the way, if you look at all the promotional interviews of the biggest Bollywood stars and Allu, this difference is clearly visible. No matter how Allu appears on the screen, but despite being a big celebrity of the country along with Telugu in his public appearances on public occasions, he looks quite suave, courteous, cultural and traditional.

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This popular behavior is no longer visible in Bollywood

One of those promotional videos of Allu is available on the Goldmines YouTube channel where you can see the things that are said about the actor. This video is from the promotional event for Pushpa The Rise (Hindi). This event took place in Mumbai before the premiere of the film. Allu and Rashmika Mandanna are prominently featured in this. When Allu is called to the stage, he greets by touching the stage with his hand before going upstairs. Even on stage, his behavior looks like that of ordinary people. A traditional look similar to that of many Bollywood stars is also seen on forums three or four decades ago. All the actors of Rekha’s generation have looked very decent on stage.

allu arjun

The Hindi audience will be surprised if a celebrity like Allu behaves like this.

Another thing to note is the Pushpa promotional event. During the conversation, he is seen repeatedly tilting his hands towards Rashmika sitting next to him. This view is common in Indian folk practice. It’s actually part of the traditional process where after accidentally touching someone in a disrespectful way, people offer a symbolic apology or remorse by bowing to them. Such scenes are still seen in rural life in India. But seeing something like that in a cinematic world dazzled by the light of glamor is truly a shocking experience. In addition to this interview, something similar is seen in Allu’s other interviews as well. They look very polite. His presence looks dignified as he answers questions.

By the way, not only Allu Arjun, but also the public life of other southern star stars also looks like this. Be it the fame of Jaibhim Suriya, Dhanush, Vijay, Prabhas, Jr NTR or any other young actor. Compared to the stars of Bollywood, seeing the stars from the South at public events, they do not seem like they are the veteran actors of the film industry. Legends like Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Mammootty, Chiranjeevi and Mohanlal also look very modest and ordinary off the movie screen. Compare them to Bollywood stars, especially the post-90s generation, who are often seen as “hulladbaaz” on forums – they talk nonsense, they have double meanings. Laughing and yelling a lot. As if they wanted to draw people’s attention with their antics.

You can watch the video of the promotional event below:-

In the north, whatever the subject of jokes, there is a head and a forehead.

Compared to Bollywood stars, this aspect of southern stars is believed to be like their cultural environment. There may be modernity there, but the cultural impact of its surroundings on the artists is still present. He also has an image of God in the general audience and is easily seen enacting that responsibility even on public occasions. Perhaps because of this common behavior of the stars in the South, they are considered very special there.

Many believe that it is due to cultural influence that modernity has not affected the cultural and traditional aspects of the South as unnecessarily as in other regions. This is why wearing lungi there is not considered a sign of backwardness. Tilak is a part of their culture that is not seen by linking it with religion. In the south, apart from Hindus, Christians and some other religious ethnicities are also seen in abundance with tilak on their foreheads. Whereas a few years ago, wearing a kurta was also considered a symbol of backwardness in the northern regions. Bollywood movies have also made fun of traditional symbols. Look at the language and clothing of the characters shown in the comedy scenes.

The tradition and culture of the South remains more dominant than other parts of the country in their food, clothing, colloquial and folkloric behavior and they do not hesitate to express it.

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