OTT Movies: 5 Creepy Short Films Women Will Love!

Cinema has always shown a new path towards society. Whatever happens in society, many times it is presented in the same way in realistic cinema. Cinema can play an important role in bringing about change in society. But sometimes he is so influenced by society that he becomes a mirror himself. That is why the cinema is also called a mirror of society. What is the status of women in society even today, is not hidden from anyone. In this modern age where women work side by side with men. She is supporting him from earth to space. In such a situation, heinous incidents such as domestic violence, injustice, atrocities and violations against women continue to occur.

Around one lakh of rape cases are still pending in Indian courts. On average, 90 cases of rape occur in the country every day. In these cases, the conviction percentage of the accused is less than a third. All the other convicted persons are acquitted due to lack of evidence or lack of sufficient witnesses. All this is happening in a country where 80 percent of the population worships some goddess. Indian cinema has always shown women as they have been in society. There have been many films with central roles based on women, but no one has talked about their rights in the true sense. The movie ‘Pink’, released in 2016, broke this inertia very effectively.

Short films on the OTT Disney Plus Hotstar platform also create awareness alongside entertainment.

The film ‘Pink’ focused mainly on the issue that despite all kinds of laws made for the protection of women, what are the obstacles to achieving justice for the victims. Lack of knowledge of the law is a major obstacle. The attitude of the police towards her and the degrading conditions of the judicial process break the morale of the victim and she is forced to accept the status quo. The film was appreciated, but a single film cannot raise awareness, nor can everyone have the courage to fight injustice. For this it is necessary to constantly hurt through movies. In this episode the attention of films like Damini, Lajja, Dor, Water, Queen, English Vinglish and Lipstick Under My Burkha draws attention.

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Let us know about some of these short films, in which the status quo of women has been freely talked about. These short films from the Disney Plus Hotstar OTT platform make you think. Not only that, they also work to raise awareness among those women, who have been left in the hands of the situation.

1- His first time

Starcast: Satyajit Sharma, Trimala Adhikari, Vishwas Kini and Veena Nayyar

Director- Divya Unni

This eight-minute short film on the OTT Disney Plus Hotstar platform will thrill you. The story of the mother of a gynecologist, her 11-year-old daughter, and her father is the story of all the homes where daughters live. Dr. Maa is busy delivering a woman at the hospital. At the same time, she receives a call from her husband telling her that their teenage daughter has had her periods for the first time. The mother already has a kit ready for the daughter inside the house. Also write down how to use it inside. She tells her daughter about him. The daughter goes to the bathroom with the kit, then the father prepares the necessary things for her by getting information about the periods in Google search. On the other hand, the mother achieves a normal delivery, where the woman gives birth to a daughter.

2- Nitishastra

Starcast: Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Arora and Sukanya Dhanda

Director- Kapil Verma

The short film Ethics on Disney Plus Hotstar is directed by Kapil Varma and presented by the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films digital platform. In this film it is shown that a girl (Taapsee) imparts self defense training to women. His brother is a black belt. One day, the sister sends a girl from her institute along with her brother to drop her off at home. The next day it was learned that the girl had been raped. What his brother’s friends would have done with him. After this incident, the sister breaks all relations with her brother and turns him over to the police. Even after his mother’s death, when he gets out of jail, he doesn’t even let him touch that mother’s corpse. Even taking her into the room and hitting her a lot. Taapsee has shown amazing action in this movie. She also received the Best Actress award for this. Everyone is stunned to see this film of only 20 minutes.

3- Devi

Starcast: Kajol, Mukta Barve, Neena Kulkarni, Neha Dhupia, Rama Joshi, Sandhya Mhatre, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Shruti Haasan, and Yashaswini Dayma

Director – Priyanka Banerjee

The short film ‘Devi’ is the story of 9 women who have come out of different circumstances to a place where no one is theirs. The thing to note in the film is that all the women here have been victims of the masculinity of the same man from the male-dominated society, whose horns have always been filled. In 13 minutes, these 9 women become aware of their pain, that they have not been able to forget their pain. While living inside the house, she debates whether or not she should have someone else with her. Meanwhile, the door opens and an innocent girl enters, a victim of society’s atrocities. Everyone is stunned to see it.

4- Kahanibaaz

Starcast: Ashish Vidyarthi, Sasho Sharathi, Riya Rai, Sanjay Vichare, Sonia Tredia, and Sarvesh Adavade

Director- Sandeep Verma

Kahaanibaaz, a 19-minute short film, describes the heartbreaking story of a taxi driver who has grown up watching domestic violence since childhood. Her alcoholic father often beats her and her mother while drunk. He tortures them physically and mentally. Seeing all this, he grows, but mentally his condition worsens. He becomes violent inside like his father. Every day he commits the same kind of violence with his passengers. it kill them. A person can be both a victim and a culprit, it has been well demonstrated in the movie. Ashish Vidyarthi has put on a splendid performance.

5- Everything is fine

Starcast- Seema Pahwa and Palomi Ghosh

Director- Mansi Nirmal Jain

Directed by Mansi Nirmal Jain under the motto of Great Short Films, the film ‘Everything is Fine’ is the story of a woman who reveals her mind in the third stage of her age. During 35 years of marriage, the woman who is forced to follow her husband’s command breaks one day. After that, it does what its mind tells it to do. Seema Pahwa has put her life into this role as usual. The woman and her husband come to Delhi to meet their daughter after a long time. There, one day, excited, the woman tells her daughter that she no longer wants to be with her father. The daughter is surprised. He explains it without asking for any reason. But one day in the morning suddenly that woman disappears from the house. It is later revealed that she does everything her mind tells her to do. She shops, boats, and even smokes on her mind. In general, a woman also has her own desire, which the film strongly features.

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