Pa Ranjith Birsa, who created a panic in Tamil cinema, will make his Hindi debut

After Atlee, another great Tamil film director is set to make his Bollywood debut. This director is none other than Pa Ranjith who has given many blockbusters in Tamil cinema till now. Pa Ranjith has chosen biographical content for his Hindi debut. The film will be based on the life of Birsa Munda. Birsa Munda is a revolutionary and a great heroine of the Indian freedom struggle. She had given martyrdom in the fight with the British. The eyes of the film industry will be on Pa Ranjith’s Hindi debut.

Pa’s Hindi film Birsa will be produced by Sharin Mantri and Kishore Arora. Tamil directors are known for making great movies. Viewers can hope that Hindi audiences can see a good movie through a period drama like Birsa. Pa Ranjith’s last film was Sarpatta Parambrai, which was broadcast digitally last year. The story of the film was about a local boxing championship in Tamil Nadu. However, under the guise of boxing, Pa’s film showed the caste system and its struggle/oppression within Indian society. Sarpatta Parambrai was much loved.

Pa Ranjith at the India Today Conclave.

Before Sarpatta Parambrai, Pa had made two blockbuster films: Kaala and Kabali, with Tamil film megastar Rajinikanth. In these two films the question of caste was also given a place in the Indian social system. As a writer and director, Pa Ranjith has so far impressed critics and a wide audience with his films. Pa Ranjith’s age is only 39 years old. He can be taken as a director who makes commercial movies out of the box.

Pa Ranjith is known for giving a larger than life image to Dalit characters.

Pa is deeply influenced by the ideas of Ranjit Periyar and Bhimrao Ambedkar. The impression of both political heroes is clearly visible in his films. Perhaps for the first time in commercial cinema, he portrayed a larger-than-life Dalit hero in 2016’s Kabali. Generally, on the cinema screen, Dalit characters have been seen as helpless, weak and worthy of mercy. Pa Ranjith’s work greatly entertained the audience and proof of this is also seen in Kabali’s box office. In the year 2018, he once again introduced the Dalit hero in Kaala with Rajinikanth. This time he also gained fame with money. These two movies alone made a business of over Rs 800 crore at the box office.

Both films were also dubbed and released in Hindi. Now, the Tamil director has decided to bring another megastar from the marginalized society to the big screen. He was a great freedom fighter. Many books have been written about him and some documentaries have also been made.

Biography of Jannayak Birsa Munda will be seen for the first time on the big screen

But this will be the first time that a feature film about his life will be made in Hindi, also on a large scale. Birsa Munda was born in the village of Ulihatu in the Khuti district of Jharkhand on November 15, 1875 into a tribal family of farmers. When he reflected on the poor conditions of his town after the famine before 1900, he discovered that the British Raj had an important role behind it. He fiercely served the local population during the famine and continued to organize them.

birasa-pa-ranjith-65_022522080440.jpgBirsa Munda’s story will be seen in the film.

Because he raised his voice against the oppression of the British, in a very short time, Birsa became famous as a Jannayak. He came to be called as Tierra Aba. It was natural that the British and feudal lords would be jealous of Birsa Munda’s fame. Sensing imminent danger, the British arrested Birsa Munda for inciting the people. He was given a 2 year sentence. Where was Birsa going to end up, who had made fighting oppression his life? Under the leadership of Birsa Munda, the tribes continued to fight against British rule for years. Hundreds of tribals were martyred in the guerrilla war.

Birsa Munda along with her community continued to fight against the British in the jungle. In some wars, the British also faced crushing defeat. His fight against the British Raj continued as long as Birsa lived. Finally, the British managed to arrest Birsa from the Jamkopai Forest of Chakradharpur on February 3, 1900. Birsa was poisoned by the British. Because of this, she died on June 9, 1900 in the Ranchi Jail. Birsa Munda’s struggle and martyrdom is still remembered in many states of the country. He is worshiped as a god.

It will be an interesting experience for the audience to see Birsa’s life in Pa Ranjith’s Hindi movie.

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