Pakistan will face a severe setback: General Rawat will respond to drone strikes


  • Drone strike in India
  • Bipin Rawat clarified his position.
  • Bipin Rawat Says Pakistan Will Respond

New Delhi: Defense Chief of Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat warned Pakistan against drone strikes in the country. He said that Pakistan would retaliate vigorously against any modern movement against Indian citizens or military personnel.

If the provocation continues on the Pakistani side, it will retaliate strongly. The army has all the means to retaliate. He said the army would decide the time and place for this. Bipin Rawat has issued a warning to Pakistan as it continues its investigation into a drone strike on an air force base at Jammu airport.

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Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhauria said the attack targeted air force helicopters at Jammu airport. Drone strikes are challenging. Steps were taken to prevent this movement. He said the army had jammers capable of derailing rival drone control, but that they were not installed at Jammu airport.

The drone was seen inside the Indian High Commissioner’s office in Islamabad on Sunday night. India has also informed Pakistan about the security breach in the matter, officials said. The drone was spotted during a Bollywood evening event at the High Commission complex. This is the first time that such an incident has occurred, according to national media reports, citing foreign ministries.

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India suspects terrorist organizations in the incident. The main suspects are Jaish-e-Muhammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba. The airstrikes in Jammu are suspected of having been carried out with the support of the Pakistani army or the ISI spy agency.

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