Pancarakkum the vehicle is in confusion, and rapes and robs the strikaluntenkil; Kalia notorious criminal, was killed in enkantaril


  • The police had valued his head at Rs 2 lakh
  • Police said the group is part of Bavaria kuprasid’dhiyanennum uttarpradesileyum Haryana
  • Native to Haryana, his name is Ajay Kalia

Noida: A notorious Uttar Pradesh criminal known as Kalia, who was valued at Rs 2 lakh per head, was killed in a clash with the police. Originally from Haryana, his name is Ajay Kalia.

He was killed in a clash between the Uttar Pradesh Police Special Task Force and the Noida Police. The man, who was discovered by police in Sector 14 on Wednesday afternoon, was shot and wounded in the counterattack that followed. He died while in treatment.

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There was information that he planned to be ready for a highway robbery attempt. An attempt was made to catch the man who was waiting for the joint police team. The defendant was asked to surrender, but he fired at the police.

Authorities said Kalia was part of the Bavarian gang and was known to loot and rape in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. He reportedly had techniques to break axes, nails, pistols, and ammunition. He was accompanied by his companions. There are a number of notorious criminal cases in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, kaliyakketire. It also includes rape and theft.

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The gang’s method is to loot the roads. Vehicles on the road are punctured with a nail and then stolen. Among them, violate them ceyyukayuman strikaluntenkil method.

In October 2019, Kalia and her gang looted Rs 10 lakh from the Yamuna Express highway. In January 2020, a similar robbery occurred on the Palwal Highway, in which a 14-year-old girl was raped. Police said there were several robbery and rape cases against him.

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