Panchayat 2 cleared up again, manufacturers need more hard work for OTT in India!

Wait Is Over Amazon Prime’s most anticipated web series, Panchayat 2, launched ahead of its scheduled time. Manufacturers were nervous. I was afraid that it wouldn’t leak on an app like Telegram. Be it White Field of Bangalore or the first season of the movie City Panchayat of Noida, whoever saw the excitement was overwhelmed. He said yes, this is the town. Such are the challenges of the people. Be it Neena Gupta and Raghubir Yadav or Faisal Malik, Chandan Roy’s performance was unmatched in the first season, but the person who stood out in the panchayat was “Panchayat Secretary” Jitendra Kumar. that’s very true. There really is no ‘existence’ of a Panchayat without a Secretary. Fans had high hopes for Jitendra and because of this Panchayat 2 was waiting. Now that Panchayat 2 is available on Amazon Prime, the question is: has TVF been able to maintain the trust of viewers? Is Panchayat 2 of the same level? This question may hurt fans, but the answer is no.

It was clear from Panchayat 2 that producing directors still need more work for OTT in India. The question would be how? So let’s see some points and understand this.

There were many shortcomings in Panchayat 2 that need to be mentioned.

Panchayat is in a hurry on itself 2

Before we talk about Panchayat 2, we need to mention that when we look at Panchayat 1, we find that Panchayat 1 may have had 7 episodes, but each story was given time. There were little problems and the action that was taken to solve those problems was incredible. On the other hand, when we looked at Panchayat 2, the themes were not only enlarged but attempts were made to enlarge them and from there the problem started. When you want to show multiple problems and you’re short on time, it’s natural to run into trouble. Something similar happened with Panchayat 2 as well. The series appeared in a hurry and gave up its core.

Full focus on ‘Secretary Ji’, less scope for small characters

As we have clarified above, the issues were raised in Panchayat 2 and expanded. In such a situation, we saw many small characters who acted like no other and watching them felt like they could have been given more screen space. To understand this, we would like to mention Vinod, a character from Panchayat 2.

The theme of clean India and open defecation was raised through Vinod. Actor Vinod felt that he could have had more screen space. Now that the creators kept all the attention on the secretary or shall we say Jeetendra, the small characters were forced to kneel before the secretary’s large stature.

Panchayat 2 could not match Panchayat 1

Panchayat 2 was a sequel to Panchayat 1 which had already aired on Amazon Prime. People wanted to know what happened next. It would have been better if the makers also focused on the same point, but just as there were new experiments by the makers in the 8-episode series, it is not wrong to say that the hunger for TRP drowned out a good web series. While watching the series, the thing that bothered the most and perhaps also caught our attention was that as viewers we could hardly relate Panchayat 2 to Panchayat 1.

In Panchayat 2, the abuse temper that the series would seat was expected

Just as the Hindi belt has its own problems. Similarly, problems arise when entertainment is made with the Hindi belt audience in mind. Panchayat 1 had cross streets on some occasions. Understood. But the way untimely abuse was used in Panchayat 2. It’s also surprising because the filmmakers have to understand that you can’t waste a good web series by abusing for nothing. Along with this, the creators must also understand that Panchayat was included in the selected web series which was worth watching while sitting with the family. In such a situation, the creators have broken the trust between the story and the audience by abusing the panchayat.

The creators should not make the same mistake as Panchayat 2 in Panchayat 3

One of the main reasons the public took over the Panchayat was its history and its simplicity. When it comes to Panchayat 2, we see a big drawback in view of the simplicity. Where the filmmakers have left Panchayat 2 by bringing it, its third part will surely follow as well. In such a situation, all we will say to the creators is that now when they do the third part of the Panchayat, be very careful that there is less chance of rushing and if there is any problem, then all aspects of it have to be brought up so that history and artists also have justice.

Creators must also understand that OTT content is not your typical Bollywood masala. If the viewer is watching something on OTT, then they are also seriously watching it. He does not tolerate rushing or any kind of stupidity.

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