Pankaj Jha Exclusive: ‘Maharani 2’ Web Series Will See Lots of New!

There are many web series of this type on OTT, in which the nexus between crime and politics has been presented well, but if you look at it, the number of purely political series is still very low. The web series ‘Maharani’, which airs on Sony Liv, has gone to great lengths to fill this gap. People liked the first season of this series based on Bihar politics. This is the reason why the second season was eagerly awaited. The second season of the web series ‘Maharani’ will air from August 25. In it, actor Pankaj Jha, who plays the role of Finance Minister Diwakar Jha, has an exclusive conversation with about movies, series, and his career. Here are the highlights of this conversation…

Question: How did you get the reaction after the first season of the web series ‘Maharani’?

Pankaj Jha- After the release of ‘Maharani’, I got a tremendous response from people. I never thought that people would like this series and my character in it so much. Even today people say on messages that I have done a wonderful job on this. I am very happy that the way my character has emerged in the series has given my career a new direction. Now the second season of the series will be broadcast. Along with the audience, we are also eagerly awaiting this.

Q- How much has your role expanded in the new season?

Pankaj Jha- Look, my character hasn’t expanded much in the new season compared to before. Actually, many new stories have been included in the new season. Because of this, a lot of new characters are going to be seen. Because of this, old characters haven’t been able to get much screen space. But the way the story of the second season is woven. Based on that, I can definitely say that in the third season, the old characters will have more expansion. So this season, I’m not going to watch much.

Question: What will the audience see again in the new season?

Pankaj Jha- In this season, the audience will see a lot of new things. Many new events have been added to it, which are very different from the first season. The new story is based on real events that happened in Bihar politics at that time. I can’t tell very openly, but I can say that these incidents are very interesting. Most people already know them. They are presented in a very funny way. I can assure you that the public will enjoy it very much.


Question: How did established actors in the industry like Huma Qureshi and Amit Sial behave during the off-screen shoot?

Pankaj Jha- I have a very famous scene with actress Huma Qureshi in the web series ‘Maharani’. In this, Huma ji’s character is hurt by a thing of mine, in which I call it ‘technical CM’. After this, after calling the Chief Minister’s office, she takes the Ministry of Finance from me and gives it to the Ministry of Health. Before the shooting of this scene, there was not much conversation between us. But during the filming our relationship became very comfortable. Despite being a great artist, discrimination was never seen in him. I really liked his behavior. Amit Sial is like my friend. He has always been supportive. He is a very good person. However, I didn’t have any scenes with him. But we have a friendly relationship with them. His wife Aanchal Sial is also a very good friend of mine. We have done many plays together.

In this video you can see the scene from ‘Technical CM’…

Question- What has benefited your career after working on this web series?

Pankaj Jha- Look, my career has a new direction after doing this series. Only after this series did I get real recognition as an actor in the true sense. Before this, I have been working in theater and advertising films for a long time. But ‘Maharani’ has given me a new identity. Whether in the industry or in society, unless you make a hit, you are not considered an actor. Now people have started calling me a good actor. Many new projects have come to me since this series. These include the Amazon Prime Video series ‘Jubilee’ and Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘India Lockdown’ movie. I hope that after ‘Maharani 2’, an even better answer will be seen.

Question- How successful do you find nepotism in the film industry? How much have you fought?

Pankaj Jha- As for nepotism nepotism in the film industry, then I would say in which field it is not. Nepotism is seen in all fields. I don’t know why our own industry is more infamous for this. Suppose my own father or grandfather was already in this field and I had to become an actor, then surely he would have supported and backed me. When it comes to fighting in the industry, everyone has to do that. This is a journey that each artist has to decide for himself. who works to forge it. He makes it experienced. Because of this, we can understand the industry. Do they know how to get a job? How should it work? How should I roll?

We report that actor Pankaj Jha is a resident of Motihari in the East Champaran district of Bihar. The famous actors Manoj Bajpayee and Pankaj Tripathi are residents of the districts adjoining this district. Manoj hails from Bettiah in West Champaran while Pankaj hails from Gopalganj district. The way that Manoj and Pankaj have fought in their careers, Pankaj has to fight the same way, but the question of that ground is different. Pankaj, who is constantly progressing thanks to his ability and hard work, gets the opportunity to work with filmmakers like Vikramaditya Motwani and Madhur Bhandarkar after directors like Subhash Kapoor. My best wishes to Pankaj Jha for his bright future.

Watch the Maharani 2 web series trailer…

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