Papaya leaves to increase platelet count; It can be used as follows

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  • How do papaya leaves help increase the number of platelets in the blood?
  • Foods that increase and decrease platelet count

Blood plays an important role in keeping our bodies alive. Platelets are an important component of this blood. When a small wound enters the body, this factor affects everything from drying it out to a person’s immune system. A healthy person is estimated to have a platelet count of approximately 1.50,000–4.50,000. Lowering the platelet count below this level can exacerbate the risk of many diseases. Platelets are depleted, especially when it comes to diseases like dengue and genetic diseases. Therefore, in the face of any problem of this type, it is essential to seek medical attention as a priority. Numerous studies indicate that Kovid 19, a disease that affects more and more people in our country these days, is showing signs of a sharp drop in the platelet count.

When platelets are depleted in an uncontrolled amount, it can become life-threatening. What is often done in hospitals when these conditions occur are medical treatments in which platelets taken from the blood are continuously injected into the patient’s body on a regular basis and kept at a constant level. But there are many other ways to increase the level of platelets in the blood. You can increase the number of platelets in your blood in the most natural way by trying some natural remedies that have special properties in particular. If you have ever had a platelet deficiency in your body, you can increase it with the help of papaya leaves, which can be easily found at home. I know how

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Papaya leaves

Papaya leaves contain a special phytochemical called acetogenin. It has been shown to increase the number of platelets in the blood. Eating this can help ensure a quick recovery of the immune system and the health of the body. That is why it has long been considered an effective remedy for people suffering from diseases such as dengue. Papaya leaves contain natural plant compounds like flavonoids and carotene, which also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They protect against harmful free radicals that can damage blood cells.

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When platelets are depleted

If your platelet level is low, you can use papaya leaves to treat it. It requires 4 papaya leaves and a cup of water. Method First wash the papaya leaves properly and cut them into small pieces. Pour a cup of water into a bowl, bring it to a boil and add papaya leaves. Let it boil for 2 minutes. You will get a green colored solution. It can be copied and poured into a mug. It has a good bitter taste. You can add honey or brown sugar if you want to reduce the bitterness. Drink only 30 ml a day for adults and 5-10 ml for children.

Foods that reduce platelet count

If you are suffering from symptoms such as dengue and your platelet count continues to decline, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the food you eat. Avoid drinking cow’s milk and cranberry juice for a while. These drinks have the ability to suppress the platelet count and make your condition worse. Also, you should avoid consuming tonics and alcohol until you are completely healed.

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Some Foods That Help Increase Platelet Count

Sources of vitamin C are most beneficial for increasing platelet count. You can use orange juice, carrot juice, cauliflower soup, pumpkin soup, pineapple juice, bell pepper, and tomato salad. Broccoli is the best in this regard. Protein, vitamin K, and iron also affect platelets in the blood. So, to get them, eat legumes, roasted peanuts, green leafy vegetables, and pumpkin seeds. Foods rich in vitamin B-12 can also help fight low platelet levels. It is also good to eat small amounts of eggs.
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