pari paswan miss india: juicy drunk and flat; Former Miss India with complaint: former Miss India Universe against Indian producer


  • The incident took place when he came to Mumbai in search of work.
  • The shot was taken after mixing the drug in the juice and lying down.
  • Previously, she had filed a dowry complaint against her husband and was arrested

Raj Kundra Project Controversy Shocks Bollywood Former Miss India Universe and model Pari Paswan has been accused of taking shots after being drugged with juice.

They have filed a complaint against the Mumbai-based production company. However, they did not reveal the name of the company.

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He had come to Mumbai looking for work. It was then that the tragic incident occurred. They gave him juice mixed with drugs. After that, the blue image was copied. Later, when he found out about this, he reported the matter to the police.

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He filed a complaint with the Mumbai police after learning that he had made a nude video of himself after mixing drugs into a cold drink in Mumbai. Pari Paswan said they were investigating the case. At the same time, the name of the film production company has not yet been published.

The Times Now reports that, in addition to the producer, she has also filed a complaint against her husband.

“I have registered a case against my husband and other people at the Katras police station. There is a gang in Mumbai that cheats on girls, misrepresents the videos and goes viral. I am a victim in that case. Even after learning about this, I have filed an FIR against the gang members for justice at the Malwani Police Station.

Her husband Neeraj and members of her family have been in the news for dowry abuse. Neeraj was arrested in the case presented by Pari.

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Meanwhile, Neeraj’s family had also brought accusations against the model. He claimed that the actress had acted on a shot with the support of a Mumbai production house and that she was catching “innocents.” She alleged that she had previously married two young men and that Pari had filed a lawsuit against them.

Pari is a model of Jharkhand. Pari Paswan was Miss VVN Universe 2019. They filed a complaint with the Mumbai police.

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