Pathan goes to hell. What about Shah Rukh? They care? Crying belongs to the Yash Rajs! – Pathan go to hell

Unprecedented Opposition to Pathan is visible, directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Yash Raj Films. I don’t recall any Bollywood movie facing such protests before its release or even the trailer. It can be understood that what will be the atmosphere at the time of launch. While in the same year, there was no fierce protest against Brahmastra and Lal Singh Chadha, caught up in the Boycott trend, even a month before its release. All the accusations against Shahrukh Khan are coming out on social media. I don’t know how many buried dead have started screaming after coming out of the graves. Countless memes in protest, the actor’s statements are viral. The buzz that he created after the release of Besharam, some parts of his interview have also gone very viral.

Shahrukh can be heard saying, “Bade bol toh nahi bolunga. Hawa se thoda hile wala hoon. Hawa se jhaadu hilti hai.” Actually, this answer is from an interview with Komal Nahata. Nahata had asked him if you think that the social boycott caused losses to you? Although it is Shahrukh’s statement, he has nothing to do with Pathan or his opposition. There is no connection. This is an interview from about seven years ago. It will also be mentioned that what was the result of that protest? At the moment it is about the protest and the damage caused by it. That is, whether any protest has any effect on stars like Shahrukh or not. So who is affected? How such protests benefit stars like Shahrukh in any way.

Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh knows this. That’s why they say: I’m going to move a little with the wind. The broom moves in the wind. Or just now in Kolkata, he made a statement almost along the same lines that positive people like him are alive despite bad conditions. He was taking political advantage here under the guise of being a Pathan. Like the political advantage he was taking seven years ago, in which he presented the broom argument.

Darshan of stars like Shahrukh: If you are infamous, what will be your name?

In fact, Shah Rukh won’t really be hurt if Pathan fails. Shahrukh is not just an actor but a brand. There are trademarks and political marks. Some of the fans of him even call him the “Dubai Brand”. As some of the fans of him call Aamir Khan “Turkish brand”. Well, in some recent reports, Shah Rukh’s net worth was said to be $770 million. It was also said that they comfortably earn $38 million every year. This condition is when Shahrukh did not give any successful movie after Zero in 2018. Zero was also not successful. Given this, if we look at his career graph in the last eight years, with the exception of ‘Raees’, he has had a series of accidents at the box office. Despite this, there is no discount on his business or political image.

MK Stalin also leads him by the hand. Mamta Banerjee also manages to welcome him and opens the car door and lowers the car. Hugs too. Congress always keeps rolling the red carpet. If the failure of the movies had any effect on Shahrukh’s economic and political status, how would he be earning $38 million today? Movies give Shahrukh a buzz. Shahrukh gives birth to Kucharcha through these movies. Political polarization is made with these discussions. They are divisive in some way and there is almost no need to say which policy benefits from their statements. This condition is not only of Shahrukh Khan. Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, Naseeruddin Shah or recently Richa Chadha Fazal can also stay here. Actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui or Adil Hussain have been heard to make such statements. He is not an actor? Aren’t they celebrities? The Shahrukhs know that the effect of his statement goes directly to the ground and what is the benefit of the division that occurs due to his reaction.

Besharam Rang is just one experiment in a three-decade trend

This is not something very old. It is seen after the Ram Mandir and Babri movement in the 90s. This is the time when Khan’s trio of stars (Shah Rukh-Salman-Aamir) suddenly become the ambassadors of Bollywood and only their royalty is visible. Actually after the 90s Bollywood changed its philosophy. Darshan is the same: if it is slandered, then what will not be the name. Besharam Rang is just an experiment under the same link. If we look at the public relations of the stars in the last three decades, all the filmmakers and stars will see themselves following this formula. Disputes are created. Rings are made. Discussions are made. Until a few years ago, when social networks were not very popular, due to the resources that Bollywood used to deal with things in its own way. The bad content was also sold there raising all kinds of screams and shouts and it was named as the thought of the society.

It was a time of information monopoly. But social media has changed the Bollywood game. There are now many sources of information on which no one has a monopoly. And in a campaign like Boycott, even those who don’t know each other agree on every issue. Your opinion seems to be one. They are united in common affairs. Speech-to-speech addition. As of today’s date, Boycott looks like a move. Actually, this move is against Pathan. The movement is against Shahrukh. Despite this, Shahrukh’s only loss may be that his film is defeated. Despite this, they will continue to be profitable.

Shahrukh has Rs 100 crore as fee for Pathan. Stars like Shahrukh also participate in the profits from the movies. Now, whether he has any involvement with Pathan or not, nothing has been revealed yet. So let’s assume this is just the Yash Raj movie. If Pathan fails, only Yash Raj Films will lose. And this loss to Yash Raj Films will also happen only because of Shahrukh and not for any other reason. Stars like Shahrukh like to be discussed politically one way or another. They do arbitrary things. He has never shown responsibility regarding the investment of the producers. For example, in the year 2015, Rohit Shetty did “Dilwale” on a large scale with Shahrukh. Modi had reached the center. Shahrukh cried irresponsibly for being a Muslim. After the BJP had been in power in the Center for just a year, he pleaded intolerance.

Even though the movies flopped in eight years, why didn’t Shahrukh’s finances make any difference?

It was only natural that when a man like Shahrukh also started to feel victimized within just a year of the second government’s power and started crying over intolerance, then how could people not digest it? There was a protest and it was fierce. King Khan’s “broom-shaking statement” came at the same protest. Shahrukh did not move, but the broom did move. Shahrukh had already left after taking the fees and also set a political agenda. But the loss only happened to Rohit Shetty. Rohit is called Showman. Despite this, his film flopped. They suffered heavy losses. Later, Rohit publicly blamed Shahrukh. And he forever severed his relations with them. What harm happened to Shahrukh? In the last eight or ten years, about half a dozen of his movies have gone bankrupt. What harm happened to Shahrukh? Despite the fact that in the last eight years, there is only an increase in his net worth. So why not believe that in exchange for the controversy, the producers may have suffered losses, but Shah Rukh remained an ideological superstar? They got a picture and a big buzz. without hard work Adil Hussain or Nawazuddin Siddiqui can never get this discussion together. Because he has become an actor because of his ability and not because of his tricks.

As of today, Shahrukh endorses dozens of brands. Also in this case, it is the most expensive star. He has his own production house. There are various types of businesses. He has tremendous political friends. There is also a franchisee of an IPL team. It means to say that Shahrukh’s store is doing very well. If Pathan also fails, King Khan will not be harmed. No matter how much opposition there is, his political claim will remain the same and his business will continue. Yes, a producer can definitely go on tour. Yashrajs can definitely be damaged. But not everyone is Rohit Shetty. I don’t understand how a banner like Yash Raj remains financially strong despite a series of flops, where does he get the backing or courage to sign Shahrukh for Rs 100 crore and keep making movies despite continually creating disasters?

Pathan is a movie made with a trick.

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