Pegasus: Former CBI boss Alok Verma also monitored, Rakesh Asthana’s number on the list

Stand out:

  • The CBI leaked the former chief’s phone numbers.
  • The phone numbers of Alok Verma’s family members were also leaked.
  • Details of Anil Ambani’s phone were also leaked.

New Delhi: Phone numbers for former CBI chief Alok Verma were also leaked using Pegasus. ‘The Wire’ reported that Alok Verma’s phone numbers began to be traced after he was removed from CBI headquarters.

Alok Verma was removed from the position of head of CBI on October 23, 2018. All three numbers in his name were added to the list of people monitored by Pegasus. It also includes the number of Alok Verma family members. These numbers are reported to have been leaked or monitored.

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The personal phone numbers of Alok Verma’s wife, daughter and husband are known to have been traced. At the same time, it was reported that the number of eight family members was being monitored. The phone number of former CBI special director Rakesh Asthana is also on the Pegasus list. The Pegasus list also includes the number of AK Sharma, the former head of CBI’s policy department. Rakesh Asthana is currently the head of CRPF.

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Telephone information used by Anil Ambani and others was also leaked. The Wire reports that a senior company official and head of the corporate communications department, Tony Yesudas, and his wife have had their phones leaked.

The phones of people close to the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, were reportedly leaked through the Pegasus. The Guardian reports that the phones of the Dalai Lama’s loyal advisers and close associates have been leaked. In 2017, then-US President Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama met. It was after this that the phones of people close to the Dalai Lama were reportedly leaked.

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