Pegasus phone leak; Kapil Sibal wonders what will happen if the information falls into the hands of foreign countries


  • What will happen if the leaked information reaches other countries?
  • Only a few details came out
  • Criticisms of acting unconstitutionally

New Delhi: Congressional Leader Kapil Sibal reacted to the controversy over the Pegasus phone leak. The Constitution states that national security must be given priority. But he said the government was doing the opposite.

Kapil Sibal’s reaction to the news that the phone of the JDS-Congress leaders in Karnataka was leaked in 2019. He also asked what would happen if the leaked information fell into the hands of other countries. He said only a few details of the leaked phone had been leaked.

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More details will come out in the next few days. He added that evidence had emerged of “serious violations of fundamental rights and the right to privacy.”

In 2019, during the political crisis in Karnataka, it was reported that the phones of the JDS-Congress leaders were stolen. The phones of former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, Senior Deputy Minister G Parameswara and former Senior Minister Siddaramaiah were reportedly monitored by Pegasus spyware. During this period, two phones of Kumaraswamy’s personal secretary, Satheesh, were leaked. According to the report, former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda’s phone was stolen.

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