People make fun of Ranveer’s overacting!

The number of followers of the famous Discovery Channel adventure reality show ‘Man Vs Wild’ is tremendous all over the world. This is the reason why even the prime minister of his country, Narendra Modi, could not refuse his invitation and participated in the show. The Prime Minister’s security protocol is very strict, but he did a lot of stunts with the show’s host, Bear Grylls. From this you can understand the popularity of this show. Now the OTT version of this show is streaming on Netflix. In it, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is seen with show host Bear Grylls. After seeing this, people make fun of Ranveer fiercely. Memes are even being created and shared on social media about them.

Excitement and action are seen at every Bear Grylls show. This is the reason why people like your show. The adventurous experience in their individual show is tremendous, but the show where the guests come, depends a lot on the guest as to how the show is going to be. Netflix has entered the world of adventure and reality TV through this Bear Grylls show. People appreciate his first show ‘Ranveer Vs Wild with Bear Grylls’ but opinion about Ranveer Singh is different. People say that thanks to them, this show seems to be scripted. Even the actor’s actions are as if he is overreacting. The reality show doesn’t seem real.

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People share many memes on social media making fun of Ranveer Singh. A user Tanya Gupta on Twitter says that the affair is fine, but why is Ranveer Singh acting so much? MK Rashid writes: “I watched Ranveer Vs Wild with Bear Grylls on Netflix. Watching this is a complete waste of time. The concept of the show is good, but it seems like it’s been overplayed everywhere. It gets boring watching this. Bear Grylls it only got actors like Ranveer Singh from Bollywood.They should take care of the USP and credibility of their shows.

There have also been a lot of negative comments about this program on Google. Dev Nair writes: “The show is completely fake and scripted. Leaving out the climbing scene, everything seems predetermined. Even the bear chasing Ranveer seems to be a pet. If this were true, tell how a cameraman I would have managed to shoot in front of a wild bear and from different angles.This show is not at the level of Bear Grylls.They look like bollywood masala movies.You really can’t expect bollywood at all.

Rahul Gupta looks very disappointed after watching this show. Rahul writes, “This is such a bad show that I have to publicly post a review about someone for the first time. I don’t want to waste someone else’s valuable time. Ranveer Singh has done an amazing over-act. Looks like he’s already prepared to make it fun.” .Your preparation is spoiling a reality show.In reality it shows that everything must be real.It is not an “action and adventure” show or funny.The way there is a presence of salt in Kheer, in the same way that it is see Ranveer in this show.

We report that many Bollywood actors including Vicky Kaushal, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth have appeared in this show. Not only this, from former US President Barack Obama to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have also participated in this show. The show’s host, Bear Grylls, was part of the UK Special Forces in the 1990s. He has also worked as a soldier, survival instructor and patrol medic. Throughout his television career, he performed ‘Into the Wild with Bear Grylls’, ‘Man vs Wild’, ‘You vs Wild’, ‘The Island’, ‘Escape from Hell’, ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’, ‘ Bear Grylls Survival’ Has worked on many shows like ‘School’, ‘Absolute Wild’.

Let’s take a look at some other comments on social media…

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