Pippa’s teaser about the war between Pakistan and India is tremendous, Hollywood’s Fury can be a movie like this!

In fact, many movies have been made about the war between India and Pakistan. Despite this, countless stories related to the war between India and Pakistan are yet to come. Keeping one of those stories at the core, the creators, who have produced blockbuster films like Rang De Basanti and Uri: The Surgical Strike, are introducing ‘Pippa’. Pippa’s teaser has been released on the occasion of Azadi’s Amrit Mahotsav. For the first time, Ishaan Khattar is seen in the role of a young soldier. The opposite of him is Mrinal Thakur. Pippa is directed by Rajkrishna Menon, who has starred in blockbuster movies like Airlift with Akshay Kumar. While veteran composer AR Rahman has composed the music for the film.

What’s in the teaser released on Independence Day?

The teaser is approximately 1.6 seconds long. The teaser begins with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s declaration of war imposed by Pakistan following the attack on the Indian airfield. And behind this are the preparations of the Indian army. Actually, this war drama shows the story of tremendous bravery and valor of an army tank unit in the Bangladesh Liberation War. Ishaan Khattar is seen saying that this will be the first war in the history of the world to be fought for the independence of a country. After this, it is seen how the tank squad enters the border of Bangladesh and takes a front of the Pakistani army with the liberation fight there.

Here you can see the teaser of Pippa below:-

Pippa is the story of which brave soldier?

This is probably the first Bollywood movie through which the Indian audience will see the bravery of the tank squad of the Indian Army. This story is from Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta, a brave army officer. Ishaan Khattar is in the character of Brigadier Balram Singh. Brigadier Balram Singh displayed unparalleled bravery on the eastern front in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971. In Bangladesh, the Pakistani army was brutally repressing destitute Mukti Bahini soldiers and Bengali civilians. But after India came to the fore, the picture changed and Bangladesh was liberated from the oppressive colony of Pakistan after 25 years. The story of the movie isn’t completely clear in the trailer, but at first glance, the visuals look great and engaging. Especially Ishaan Khattar has been fabulous in the character of Fauji.

What kind of movie will Pippa be? It’s too early to say anything. Since the film makers have made great films based on national sentiments and war, one should expect that it will also be enhanced and impressed by the audience. By the way, great movies have been made in Hollywood about the unique stories of tank squads in different wars. The most unique film among them is Fury, starring Brad Pitt. This movie based on World War II came in the year 2014. It is to be hoped that the audience can also see a unique story like Fury in ‘Pippa’. Viewers who want to watch Fury will get the movie on the OTT platform.

Ishaan Khatter plays the role of a soldier in Pippa.

Currently, the battle scenes in Pippa can be called impressive. Bollywood may have produced many movies based on the war, but no movie has been able to surpass the benchmark of Haqeeqat and Border. While Border is the story of a war imposed on the western border with Pakistan, Reality is a classic of Indian cinema based on the war with China. Viewers who have been interested in war movies may find it a great experience to watch the battle of the tank squad in Pippa in detail. By the way, in Doordarshan’s famous Param Vir Chakra program and many other movies, the Indian public has seen the value of tank squads on the battlefield.

The film will arrive on December 2, the release date means

The film will be released on December 2 this year. In fact, in 1971, on December 3, the Pakistan Air Force targeted the Indian air base. One day before the anniversary of the historic war, the creators have decided to free Pippa. The film is produced by Ronnie Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur.

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