pm modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi says India has written a new history through vaccination

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the country has reached an extraordinary vaccine target of Rs 100 million. The prime minister was addressing the nation.

The country has succeeded from the beginning. It is the symbol of Navbharata. One hundred million rupees is not a small number. “It is a milestone,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this was in response to those who asked if India could survive the Kovid crisis. “This is a victory for all Indians,” he said.

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The world will consider the safest country in the crown. He added that the country has written a new history with 100 crore dose vaccines.

Kovid 19. The Prime Minister said there is no VIP culture in vaccination.

They all compare and examine India with other countries. But one thing to remember is that the origin of India is very different.

For a long time, other countries have always been involved in medicine and vaccination. Everyone asked if India could do this in this situation. The prime minister said that the Rs 100 million jabsen vaccine is the answer to all questions.

Yesterday, 100 million million vaccines were completed in the country. The Prime Minister congratulated the health workers.

The Prime Minister yesterday visited the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi and spoke with hospital officials. Modi also tweeted about the hospital visit.

The Prime Minister praised the efforts of the pioneers in the health field, 130 million people and the Indian science behind the historic achievement in vaccine distribution.

The vaccination campaign, which began on January 16, has exceeded 100 million rupees in nine months. With this, India has become the second country after China to cross the 100 million rupee mark in vaccination.

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