Po rnographer Raj Kundra fears arrest, reveals ‘Plan B’ in chat

Main characteristics:

  • Raj Kundra has been remanded in police custody till July 23 after his arrest on Monday.
  • Police say that no evidence has been found against Shilpa Shetty so far and the matter is being investigated.
  • New revelations have come after the conversation between Raj Kundra and his former PA Umesh Kamat.

New revelations are being made through the WhatsApp chat of Raj Kundra, who made pornographic films. From this purported chat it seems that Raj Kundra was already suspecting that sooner or later he would be caught by the police. To avoid this, the king had prepared ‘Plan B’. The Fort Court on Tuesday sent Raj Kundra and his accomplice Ryan Tharp to police remand till July 23 after their arrest on Monday night. On the other hand, Mumbai Police has expedited the gathering of evidence against Raj. WhatsApp chat has created the biggest problem for Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra is facing serious allegations of making obscene films and selling and broadcasting them in the country and the world. After ‘Hotshot App’ gets suspended, Raj Kundra mentions Plan B in WhatsApp chat with Pradeep Bakshi.

Mumbai Crime Branch arrested Raj Kundra after interrogation late on Monday night. The CRIB branch checked the mobile of Raj Kundra’s former PA Umesh Kamat and found several chats of Raj and from this it can be inferred that Raj had identified the threat against him. In the new chat that appears, there is a group called ‘H Accounts’. In which Pradeep Bakshi wrote in November last year that Google has suspended the Hotshot app. It is also said that this has happened due to violation of rules. Then Raj Kundra says, ‘No problem, Plan B has started. The new app will go live in a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

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Raj Kundra’s alleged chat against porn film case, did business like this

secret chat1

The name of this plan B of Raj Kundra was Bolifem. Meanwhile, another alleged conversation between Umesh Kamat and Raj Kundra has come to the fore. In which Raj had sent a news article to PA Umesh. It said that the police can issue summons to the owners of 7 OTT platforms for broadcasting obscene videos. Responding to this message, Raj wrote, ‘It is very good that we have prepared Boliphum. Umesh Kamat said- ‘Let’s go to the office and talk. Till then we should remove the very bold content. Then Raj says, ‘I don’t think it will make much difference.’ In response, Kamat wrote, ‘It is not too serious. They will only ask to remove the objectionable material.

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Umesh Kamat further told Raj Kundra that at present these films barely earn Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per day. Then Raj says, the future is in live content as it cannot do screen recording. That’s why it doesn’t matter much. Raj asks Umesh to sell the old material quickly so that Rs 50 lakh can be reimbursed.
On the arrest of Raj Kundra, Poonam Pandey said, ‘I am worried about Shilpa Shetty and the children.

The Crime Branch believes that Raj Kundra wanted to stop the shooting of porn films. Instead, Raj was insisting on live streaming with models and actresses. This was their preparation as live streaming would continue even if pornographic movies were removed from websites and apps. The special thing is that he was going to do all this on ‘Bolifem’ and this was his plan B.

Raj Kundra Case: The shooting of pornographic films was exposed from this bungalow

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