Pornographic content must be removed within a week; National Commission for Women on Twitter


  • Pornographic content must be removed within a week.
  • Notice of the National Commission for Women to Twitter
  • Must reply within 10 days

New Delhi: The National Commission for Women (NCW) has demanded that pornographic content posted on Twitter be removed within seven days. The Women’s Commission said in a press release that pornographic content must be removed entirely or face action. The National Commission for Women (NCW) has written to Rekha Sharma, Director of Twitter India.

The Women’s Commission has demanded that pornographic and obscene content posted on Twitter be removed within a week. The chairman of the commission also said that he has been ordered to respond within 10 days on actions taken by Twitter in this regard.

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The Women’s Commission has also written to the Delhi Police Commissioner regarding the matter. The letter called for legal action against Twitter. In a letter to the Police Commissioner, Rekha Sharma said that similar complaints against Twitter had been received in the past.

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Previously, a new case was registered against Twitter for child pornography. This is the fourth case that Twitter has faced after losing legal protection in the country. The case was registered by the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell against Twitter. The action was based on a complaint from the NCPCR (National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights).

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Twitter has faced legal action in the country for its obscene content following the filing of a case against it for misrepresenting the map of India.

Anil Kant is the IPS state police chief.

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