Prabhas hard work for Shriram character in Adipurush makes him ‘Bahubali’!

The country’s first pan-Indian superstar, Prabhas, needs no introduction. She had made the entire country her own with a single movie. Her first pan-Indian film ‘Bahubali’ was released in the year 2015. At that time no one could believe that such a great cinema could be made in any Indian film industry. Because people used to go to the halls of Hollywood to see such great movies. But for the first time such a film was released in Hindi, directly challenging Hollywood. The first part of this film surpassed Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ by grossing Rs 511 crore, making Rs 440 crore in India. Worldwide it is the fourth highest grossing Indian film. Two years later, its sequel was released which made history by grossing Rs 1,800 crore worldwide.

Pan India superstar Prabhas made a sensation across the country through the film Bahubali.

The movie ‘Bahubali’ has turned Prabhas into a pan-Indian superstar overnight. But the harsh penance she did for this movie is known to very few people. During the filming of the film, she did not make any other films for five years. She even for a long time she used to stay on the set. She had to increase her weight to 105 kg for the role of Amarendra Bahubali in this film. Not only this, this weight was also to be maintained for the next five years. Along with this, the training of horsemanship and sword fighting had to be taken separately. Prabhas was never afraid of challenges, she kept working hard. She had faith in a director like SS Rajamouli and in his own ability. This is the reason why when the movie was released, it turned out to be a box office hit. However, her movies ‘Saaho’ and ‘Radhe Shyam’ released after Bahubali have not been able to show that kind of amazement.

In this, the movie ‘Saaho’ had earned more than it cost, but ‘Radhe Shyam’ failed badly at the box office. The movie ‘Saaho’ which was made on a budget of Rs 350 crore grossed Rs 450 crore worldwide while Radhe Shyam which was made on a huge budget of Rs 350 crore only earned Rs 144 crore . Despite all this, Prabhas is hard at work for his next big budget movie ‘Adipurush’. Prabhas along with Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan have major roles in this film which is made on a budget of Rs 500 crore under the direction of Om Raut. During the filming of this film, the actor’s weight suddenly began to increase rapidly. He was also trolled on social media about this. But Prabhas remained focused on his work without paying attention to the words of the people. When he had a problem, he would go straight to London. After going there, he had a full body checkup and followed the diet chart given by the doctors. Apart from this, he sweated a lot in the gym. His tremendous transformation will be seen in the movie.

The movie ‘Adipurush’ is an adaptation of the Ramayana. In this, the greatness and splendor of Shri Ram will be displayed. The film’s director, Om Raut, says that Ramayana has always had a strong influence for a long time. The film shows the powerful side of Rama. It is said that Om Raut himself had asked Prabhas to do the body, because he wanted Prabhas to look suitable for the role of Lord Ram. They believe that archers have a distinctive body. His waist is slim and the shoulders are wide. After listening to Om Raut, Prabhas has worked as hard as he can to mold himself into the character of Shri Ram. Not only this, he has also taken separate training to speak pure Hindi. Everyone knows that he speaks Telugu, so his Hindi is not that clear. Although, in the movie Radhe Shyam, he has spoken only in Hindi, but the change from Telugu to Hindi is clearly known. Because of this, the director asked Prabhas to speak pure Hindi and Sanskrit, which he has to do.

Let us tell you that Prabhas, who started his film career with the Telugu movie ‘Eshwar’ in the year 2002, could not do anything special at the box office at that time. But two years later, the movie ‘Varsham’ gave him a new identity. Then his race car started working. He has given many hits like ‘Chakram’ released in 2005, ‘Yogi’ in 2007, ‘Ek Niranjan’ in 2009 and ‘Rebel’ in 2012. Prabhas is the only actor in the whole country who the maximum money of the cinematographic industry is invested. From the movie ‘Radhe Shyam’ to ‘Saalar’, in just three movies, Rs 1200 crore is at stake on the credibility of him. In this, everyone has high expectations of the movie ‘Adipurush’. The reason for this is that the mood of the country is the way it is right now, which is why this movie has been made as well. In this, the story of Sita’s agony in the midst of the Ram-Ravana war will also be shown. A great image of Shri Ram will be presented through this story. In the movie ‘RRR’ only Ram’s picture is shown, so this is the condition at the box office, what will happen on the day ‘Adipurush’ is released?

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