Pragya told the court that he could only travel in a wheelchair; The dance video continued


  • Pragya Singh Thakur’s controversial dance video.
  • Pragya Singh Thakur dance video released.
  • Congress with mockery.

Bhopal: BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur’s dance video was posted after he refused to appear in court in the Malegaon blast case due to poor health. Pragya Singh danced during the wedding ceremony at the MP’s residence in Bhopal.

Pragya had previously said that he was unable to appear in court due to health problems. The 51-year-old deputy told the court that he was unable to walk and could only travel in a wheelchair.

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The marriage of two young women from an economically backward family took place at the MP’s residence. Pragya was seen dancing with her colleagues during the celebration that followed the wedding. Congress has filed indictments after the MP released images of him refusing to appear in court in the Malegaon blast case citing health concerns.

Madhya Pradesh Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja said on Twitter that whenever they see MP Pragya from Bhopal, they play basketball or walk alone. He added that the MP was happy to see us dance.

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Although the video came out, the father of the bride spoke in favor of the MP. “I am grateful to the MP who came forward to marry my daughter. I was not in a position to marry my daughter because my financial situation was bad. I pray to Devi for the longevity of the MP,” he added.

Pragya, charged in the Malegaon blasts in 2008, has been released on bail. She had spent 9 years in jail in this case. Pragya was released on bail in 2017. Six people were killed and more than 100 injured in an explosion on a motorcycle near a mosque in the city of Malegaon, about 200 km from Mumbai in northern Maharashtra.

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