Pregnant women can get vaccinated with Kovid-19, no more


  • You can register through the Covin website
  • Vaccination can also be guaranteed directly at the centers.

The Union Ministry of Health has decided to give the Kovid 19 vaccine to pregnant women in the country. The final agreement was reached last day. The approval was granted by the Ministry of Health of the Union based on the recommendations of the National Technical Advisory Council (NTAGI) on Immunization.

Pregnant women can now get vaccinated by registering with Covin or the nearest Covid vaccination center. Recommendations have been issued to all states and territories in the Union regarding the new decision to ensure the safety of pregnant women and unborn babies.

Kovid’s vaccination program in India includes recommendations from experts in the fields of immunization, public health, disease control, and information technology. So far, Kovid has been vaccinated in all categories except pregnant women. Vaccination Concerns about the health of pregnant women and unborn babies have been a barrier to vaccination.

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Covid during pregnancy:

Statistics show that Kovid can seriously affect the health of pregnant women during pregnancy. It also affects the health of the fetus. Covid-infected pregnant women and their unborn babies have been exposed to a number of life-threatening conditions. Studies have also shown that a variety of health problems can persist in pregnant women and their babies who have survived death.

Preterm delivery is common in pregnant women with Kovid 19 infection. The risk of other adverse conditions, including neonatal disease, is also high.

The Union Ministry of Health has approved the recommendations of the National Technical Advisory Council (NTAGI) on Immunization and has formulated an action guide for the immunization of pregnant women.

I know these things

1. All people over the age of 18, including pregnant women, can currently receive the Kovid vaccine.
2. Pregnant women can double the risk of getting Kovid. It also affects the health of the fetus. Therefore, it is better to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
3. People with these conditions should pay attention:

Pregnant women over 35 years of age
Obese people
People with diabetes and high blood pressure.
People who suffer from blood clots in the hands and feet.

4. Increases the probability of:

Premature delivery
• The child’s weight must be less than two and a half kilograms, which is a sign of illness.
Risk of loss of life of the child at birth

5. You can get vaccinated at any stage of pregnancy, but it’s best to get it as early as possible.
6. Currently, people infected with Kovid during pregnancy should be vaccinated immediately after delivery.
7. Generally, only mild side effects occur when pregnant women receive the vaccine. Mild fever, mild soreness at the injection site, and fatigue can last two to three days.
8. It has not been confirmed whether vaccination will cause any problems for the baby for a long time.

Pregnant women can get vaccinated at any time during pregnancy after registering with the nearest public or private vaccination center in Kovin or the nearest center. Post-vaccination registration and issuance of certificates to regular recipients over 18 years of age in the Kovid Vaccination Program will continue.

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