Premiere of all January movies postponed, know what will happen in February-March …

After the Omicron variant, the films to be released in January were postponed in anticipation of a new wave of coronavirus epidemic. Theaters are still open except in some areas. However, theaters don’t have any new content to show right now. So far, most of the movies coming out in January, including Jersey, RRR, Radheshyam, and Prithviraj, have been postponed. These movies were large-scale, through which business experts hoped that the new year would be great. But the entire January release schedule has sunk into fear of the pandemic.

It is believed that the postphone in movies will have an effect on other movies as well. Although there is speculation about the postponement of the films that are already scheduled for February and March, nothing has been officially revealed yet. In February and March, Gangubai Kathiawadi (Alia Bhatt), Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (Karthik Aryan), Shamshera (Ranbir Kapoor), Shabas Mithu (Taapsee Pannu), Vikrant Rona (Sudeep), Jayesh Bhai Jordaar (Ranveer Singh), Bachchan Pandey Akshay) Kumar), KGF 2 (Yash). Now the question is, will these movies hit theaters only on schedule?

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After about 7 months, 1.17 lakh of cases have appeared in India. The Omicron variant is rolling out alongside the Delta variant. The agencies involved are monitoring the situation. In Expert Opinion, it is coming to light regarding the epidemic that after mid-January to February, the crown will be at its peak. The only good thing so far is that the situation is not alarming. Despite this, the possibility of this will remain. Corona-related guidelines are constantly coming out of governments. Efforts are being made to control overcrowding. Especially in those areas where more cases of corona are emerging, a lot of vigilance is being taken. Night curfew The weekend curfew is in effect.

Gangubai Kathiawadi is released on February 18 next month.

In some districts of Delhi and Haryana, theaters were completely closed as a precaution. Bihar cinemas have been asked to remain closed. While in other areas the theaters are still open based on local conditions. Some venues with 50 percent capacity and some venues with 100 percent capacity. However, in some areas, cinemas have been asked to remain closed on weekends. By the way, due to the absence of new films, the theater business seems to suffer.

In general, the outlook for February is not very clear. The filmmakers of the films that are scheduled have not yet made any announcements. But two scenes are visible with respect to February-March. If by the end of January the pandemic does not turn into an explosive form, then it is possible that the producers will show up to release the films. Right now, Maharashtra movie theaters are opening with 50 percent audience capacity as before. Theaters are also open in all districts of UP, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan.

If the situation does not deteriorate and the government does not order the closing of the cinemas, mid-budget films will be released in February. These movies are already scheduled. In this situation it can also happen that small producers looking for a window for theatrical release also show up to premiere the films. The producers of the films that are scheduled are attentive to the situation.

But if the situation becomes explosive at the end of January, hardly any producer will show interest in releasing the films. At least until February the premiere scenario will not be held because the government shows little interest in keeping the cinemas open in the explosive situation. The closure or non-opening of cinemas in February will have effects during the next two months. In this situation, the condition of the theaters cannot be normal until April. Clearly, this will disrupt the movie release schedule.

More cases are coming out in Mumbai. If the case reaches a worrisome level, then there may be a decree to close the movie theaters. And if the Maharashtra movie theaters are closed after Delhi, then the February to March movie releases will be affected.

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