Pressure cooker – the head of a one and a half year old boy stuck in a pressure cooker; Taken out after hours of exertion: a small child got his head stuck inside a pressure cooker while playing with it.


  • The head of the one and a half year old boy got stuck in the pressure cooker
  • Accident playing from home
  • Saved hours later

Agra: A one and a half year old boy was rescued by a pressure cooker while playing. The incident took place in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. After a two-hour effort, a team of doctors rescued the boy trapped in the boat. The rescue operation was carried out in a private hospital in Agra, the English news channel NDTV reported.

Doctors also sought the help of a mechanic to remove the vessel from the boy’s head. They cut the pot and removed the pot from the boy’s head. Relatives say the bowl hit the one-and-a-half-year-old boy’s head while playing at home.

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The accident occurred on Saturday while the boy was playing from his uncle’s house. This house is in the city itself. The boy’s head got caught in the bowl while he played. The family tried their best to get the pot out, but could not. Then the boy is taken to the hospital.

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“We were able to cut the pot with the help of a grinder and get the child out safely, following all safety standards,” said Dr. Mohd. Khan said.

The family thanked the doctors who saved the boy’s life. “We really thank the team of doctors for their efforts to rescue the boy,” said the family member.

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