Prithviraj used to use mouth to mouth arrows, why is Sanjay Dutt blindfolded in the Akshay movie?

Prithviraj Chauhan is counted as the last Hindu emperor. A movie about his life is coming up: Prithviraj. Akshay Kumar played the role of Prithviraj. The trailer for the film has arrived, which will be released on June 3. In this, Jaichand, Sanyogita, Jaichand, Chandravardayi, Gori are seen. There is also a Kaka Kanh character. He is seen blindfolded. Why is he blindfolded? Probably not many people know. Actually, Kak√° is the reason Kanh is blindfolded. He is described in Prithviraj Raso. Raso Chandravardayi Kaka Kanh is said to have been brave and firm in words like Prithviraj.

He had sworn that whoever put his mustache in front of him would kill or take his own life. In some popular stories, Kanh is said to have taken a vow to cut off the beneficiary’s beheading. There is a very famous story about this. After saving his life from King Bhimsen of Rajasthan, Samant Sarang Dev’s sons: Pratap, Amar, Gokul, Gobind, Hari, Shyam and Lord Prithviraj’s father, Ajmer Maharaj had reached the shelter of Someshwar Chauhan. Maharaj showed due respect to those who came to the shelter. But an adverse incident occurred.

Sanjay Dutt in the role of Kaka Kanh.In fact, one day there was a discussion in court on the subject of the Mahabharata. The bravery of the warriors was being praised. During this, Pratap Singh gave him his mustache. After this, Kanh cut him into two pieces with a sword. Pratap’s brothers also resisted. Seven of the seven asylum seekers were killed in court due to an unknown error. Kanha was Prithviraj’s uncle. Needless to say what was the meaning of having no words at that time. Prithviraj’s father was saddened by Sharnagat’s murder and took brother Kanh’s promise to remain blindfolded so that such an incident would not happen again in the future.

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Chandravardayi has mentioned in the context of the fierce Raso battle what level of Mahavira Prithviraj’s uncle was. Chandravardayi has written-

Kalanjar Ek Lakh, Saar Sindhurah Gudavain, Mar Mar Mukh Chavai, Singh Singha Mukh Dhwain.

“Kanh” Nar Nah tour, Patti goes to Ankhin, Hath brought Kirwar, Rundmala Niniya Har.

Vihu baah lakh lohe pariyi, chini closebar burned, ignited pari dhari upparen, opened the flames of discord.

Kaka Kanh had swindled Ghori’s general.

According to Prithviraj Raso, when Prithviraj and Ghori had a meeting in Ghaggar, at the emperor’s request, he removed Kaka Kanh’s blindfold. Gauri’s commander placed his hand on his mustache in front of Kanh. After which Kanh did not give him a chance to ride the elephant and made such a deal with the sword that he was cut into two pieces and he died. Kanh’s story will feature prominently in the film, as is clear from the trailer.

The Chauhan dynasty is full of heroes. One thing is famous about Prithviraj himself that he knew the skill of shooting arrows and was the last archer in India to do so. Before him, Dasharatha, the father of Lord Rama, and a Bhil who killed Krishna with arrows had this ability. Such archery skills are also claimed in Arjuna and Eklavya. The meaning of the word piercing arrow is the unmistakable ability to hit the target without seeing it on the basis of guesswork alone.

Was Prithviraj Chauhan used to shoot rhetorical arrows?

In Prithviraj Raso, Chandravardayi has written that Ghori had taken Prithviraj as a prisoner with him. They gouged out his eyes. When Ghori heard about the ability to shoot a piercing arrow, he wanted to try it out. Prithviraj, the captive, used this as an opportunity for revenge. Court sentence for trial. Both Prithviraj and Chandra Bardai were brought in. Prithviraj began trying to farm the bow by attaching arrows to it. Chandravardayi told him: Four bamboos, twenty-four yards, proof of Angul Ashta, the Sultan is above, don’t miss Chauhan. According to Raso, the aim was accurate and Ghori was killed. Whereupon Prithviraj and Chandra Bardai stabbed each other to death. Although historically the facts are that Ghori died many years after Prithviraj’s death.

Well, there are so many stories about the power of Prithviraj that even today, even after hundreds of years have passed, generation after generation are alive and sung in people’s consciousness. Since the tradition of writing historiography began much later, the documentation could not be done. But the poets who got the king’s grant have recorded it. He is also found in people. Another thing is that Raso is not considered historically authentic. Audiences will be able to see a lot of things in the movie. The country’s history is once again fresh in people’s minds.

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