Priyanka Chopra’s confession about credit given to actors has been forced!

It’s time to upgrade that’s why Bollywood has changed too. Now, it is by no means the case that the producer-director serves up anything in the name of the ‘film’ and audiences rush to theaters to see it. Where a good job is being done, moviegoers praise it, while the movie that is poor or the movie whose story is cumbersome, is fiercely criticized. Because Boycott is from Bollywood and the fans have done things ranging from nepotism to many different things, so if anyone is the main target then it is the actors. So are the actors really responsible? Or if the movie is a hit or flop, all its bits and pieces have to be thrown on the heads of the actors? At a time when actors are in trouble, Priyanka Chopra has come to his aid, answering many questions with great impunity. It is interesting that in her talk, Priyanka revealed a great truth on the basis of credit because somewhere in the present it is also her compulsion. Priyanka may have told the truth out of duty, but now Bollywood will split into two sections after his words.

Priyanka has said about the actors that Bollywood will be divided into two groups

There is no doubt that Priyanka Chopra is the Indian movie star who needs no introduction. Despite Priyanka’s success in Bollywood, she has also managed to impress international audiences with Quantico. Recently, Priyanka gave an interview and talked about the credit given to the actors. Priyanka believes that often because of a movie, actors get more credit than their potential. Priyanka also said that sometimes the actors don’t have to do much as they just bring someone else’s script to life.

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Priyanka Chopra’s rationale is crystal clear: Actors ‘do nothing’

Priyanka Chopra, who recently made headlines due to her trip to India, has said she can’t take too much credit for the success that comes from actors doing “nothing” while working on a project. Priyanka has said that artists just follow a script and lip sync to songs sung by others.

In her interview, Priyanka also emphasized that these days most of the actors play a role in the marketing of movies. It is possible that as a viewer, Priyanka’s words distract you a bit and raise doubts about her. So let’s understand that interview before talking about anything else.

Speaking to TV personality Janice Sequeira, Priyanka said that we say someone else’s words, we are working on a script that is written by someone else, we lip sync and sing songs like this. There are those who are in someone else’s voice. . We are doing dance steps choreographed by someone else. We are doing marketing. Here the questions are asked by someone else. We wear someone else’s clothes. Everything from our makeup to our hair is done by someone else. After so many talks, Priyanka raised the question of what am I doing.

Priyanka has given her position credit, obviously some people will like her words while there will be people who will disagree with her in whole or in part. In such a situation, a big question is: what was the need for Priyanka to say this? The reason is the same as we mentioned above. As the era progresses, the trend of boycotting Bollywood is in full swing. Whatever the movie, whoever its director and screenwriter, but only the actor is visible to people who oppose the movie.

If we want to understand the above things through an example, then we can turn to the recently released film Lal Singh Chadha. How was the movie? who was in it? It didn’t matter to anyone who ran it. Aamir Khan was in the film and the film had to be opposed. done. After that, there’s no need to say much about the movie’s box office status.

Regarding the plight of the movie, if you approach a person who doesn’t understand movies, they will also say that Aamir is responsible for the destruction of the movie. In such a situation, the way Priyanka introduced herself and talked about the credit, it is clear that she is trying to save the actors with her words.

However, because after a long time any statement from Priyanka has come to light, it is also that Priyanka is completely empty after going abroad. Priyanka is going through an important stage on the labor front. Desi Girl was last seen in The Matrix Resurrections in 2021, starring Keanu Reeves. Priyanka will soon appear in the romantic drama Love Again, previously titled It’s All Coming Back to Me, written and directed by James C Strauss.

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