Priyanka Gandhi Arrested: Police Ignore Protest, Block; Priyanka Gandhi allegedly arrested – until police action against congress leader priyanka gandhi in hargaon


  • Priyanka Gandhi allegedly arrested
  • The Youth Congress says Priyanka has been arrested.
  • Congress publishes video images.

New Delhi: Congressional Leader Priyanka Gandhi has been arrested for trying to reach Khalimpur Kheri to visit families of murdered farmers in Uttar Pradesh. The Times of India quoted the national president of the Youth Congress, Srinivas BV, as saying that Priyanka was arrested in Hargan. Meanwhile, there are reports that Priyanka has been transferred to the Sitapur Police Station and no arrests have been made.

Video footage of Priyanka talking to the police has been released. They reached Hargan on Monday morning. He was on his way to Khalimpur Kheri on foot when he was arrested by the police. No further details were given as facilities, including internet, were prohibited in the area. Previously, the AICC tweeted that Lakhimpur had come to Kheri. National media report that Priyanka is in police custody.

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Srinivas BV tweeted video footage of Priyanka speaking with police officers. With strong opposition from the police, Priyanka said it was a country of farmers and asked why they should stop seeing farmers. He said that the voice of the farmers would be louder.

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At least six people were killed in clashes in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. The confrontation took place during the visit of the Senior Vice Minister of the UP, Keshav Prasad Maurya, to Tikonia-Banbirpur. Four died at the scene and two were hospitalized. The farmers were killed when two SUVs collided with them while protesting Maurya’s visit. The farmers then blocked the vehicles and set both vehicles on fire.

Congress demanded a judicial investigation into the incident and guarantee the punishment of the accused. Rahul Gandhi said that those who have not yet responded to the incident in Lakhimpurkheri are already dead and the farmers’ sacrifices will not be in vain.

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