Pushpa is not a flower but a fire and it is true, there are enough reasons behind this!

The Hindi belt, which had advertised Bahubali’s ‘Jai Mahishmati’, is currently under attack by ‘Pushpa’s’ ‘Jhununga Nahi Main’. If you think of her as a flower after hearing the name Pushpa, then tell her that this flower is not a fire (I am not saying this as the hero of the movie)

South Indian cinema is a hero with a mustache, whose feet trembled on the ground. Rattle leaves. Falling enemies by jumping in ten directions. A grumpy body heroine, dance performed with every part of the body, few tears, more fight. If you see the movie under this vision, Pushpa will not disappoint you. Yes, the heroine has become thin on Hollywood lines.

Allu Arjun’s Pushp Is A Movie That Doesn’t Require Much Brainstorming

Pushparajan, also known as Pushpa, full of attitude, is a worker who cuts red sandalwood. Pushpa’s story is the journey from worker to smuggler king with his intelligence. This story and the look of Allu Arjun are reminiscent of the sandalwood smuggler Veerappan.

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If you find five differences between South Indian movies and Pushpa on almost every movie TV channel, then you will hardly be able to find them. There is no such factor in the film that nurtures the patriarchy that makes it different from previous films.

Shun-Shan, Hoon-Ya Marka The strength of a hero versed in dodging Chinese violence and death is being his son. If someone puts his hand on the furious vein, the hero has to get angry.

What’s new in this. Even before this, Bollywood has been creating a soft corner in the minds of the public with the dramatic emotional story of single mothers and their children. The film is still raising money with both hands. The first reason is the Sukumar address. Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna and everyone else’s performance. Sculpted body of Samantha Ruth Prabhu Item no. Cool Southern locations and daggers instead of guns.

The second reason may be that ‘Pushpa’ reminds Hindi speakers who are bored with experimental cinema, Tashan’s totally hero-oriented Amitabh-Mithun era films. Or the people who have been fighting Corona for the last two years, who have gone from the middle class to the poor due to inflation, can see their face in the face of the worker turned hero. Who wants to repeatedly change the name and tell the next Corona? I will not bow.

The song Srivalli, composed by the voice of Javed Ali and lyrics by Raqib Alam, has already reached the Facebook ‘reel’. Leave the Hindi version of the theme song ‘Oo Bolega’, the Tamil version has also melted like butter on the tongue of Hindi speakers.

While Bollywood is busy making remakes of ’90s movies, southern cinema dutifully dictates new and sometimes old concepts. The success of Pushpa Part 1 has everyone crossing their fingers for part two.

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