Quinton de Kock: Is Quinton de Kock’s career coming to an end? IPL may also be prohibited! – csa will take action against de kock for the withdrawal of the match


  • D Coke without support for Black Lives Matter
  • South Africa can eliminate Quinton de Kok
  • South Africa with a great victory over the West Indies

Dubai: The South African Cricket Board has decided to take action against South African goalie-hitter and former captain Quinton de Kok. De Kok was excluded from the game against the West Indies for personal reasons. De Kok’s resignation follows suggestions that players should kneel before the match and show solidarity.

De Kok, who has been reluctant to unite against apartheid, is reportedly no longer in the South African squad. Protests against the star are increasing around the world. Both former players and players have harshly criticized De Kok’s stance. The actor’s stance is alleged to be a manifestation of racism.

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The South African Cricket Board has said it will take further action if it receives a report from team management on Decock’s decision to refuse to protest. The player is expected to retire from the World Cup squad soon. De Kok was replaced by Themba Bauma as captain. D’Coque’s opposition to making a black man a captain is also clear from this.

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D’Coque, who withdrew from his support for Black Lives Matter, is also likely to be left out of the IPL. The BCCI has already taken a tough stance against racism. De Kok currently plays for the Mumbai Indians. The Mumbai Indians are a team that includes Kieron Pollard from the West Indies. The player will be excluded from the IPL auction due to the ban.

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