R Balki won his heart, no Sunny Deol is telling the full show of Dulquer Salmaan

‘Chup: The Artist’s Revenge’ has been released in theaters. There is hype on social media for the Bollywood thriller drama. The public and the critics are liking the film and the mandate that is coming out in the critics will be considered in favor of the film. He has been very impressed with his new story of silent observers, which has been written by R. Balki himself. He has also directed. People said that Balki, who made feel-good movies, has ventured into a new subject for the first time and will largely be called a hit. Movies have been made about many serial killer stories, but silence is different from the crowd.

Chup’s serial killer kills film critics, and from this point on, the story of Chup’s story becomes different. The script by Balki, Raja Sen and Rishi Virmani is said to be very effective and creative. The film’s dialogue and the way the Guru Dutt reference has been used is also praised. One viewer wrote: You can hardly do a better story than this about a suspenseful drama, film critics, film industry, a serial killer and Guru Dutt. In general, people have also liked R Balki’s direction.

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The public appreciates the silence.

Predictable story, weak second part

Although it is also revealed in many reactions that the killer in the suspenseful drama is predictable from the start, Balki is to be commended for keeping him interested in the film until the very end. Serial murders, investigations, and all the creative stuff around it has taken over the movie. In public opinion, Balki’s story, his lyrics and direction can be considered close. As for the overall strength of the movie, all audiences have agreed that the second part is weak compared to the first half of Chup. Despite this, the good thing is that while watching Hindi thrillers sitting in the cinema, one does not feel bored.

As for the performance, Dulquer Salmaan, who plays the main role, is seen receiving praise from the people. Dulquer was praised only after watching the Freeview shows. He even sees many people saying that this is the best performance of his career. By the way, he has also scooped the Best Performance award for Dulquer’s previous films and fans of him give him so much praise almost to the stars. There is confusion when deciding which is the best performance. But the magic that Dulquer has shown through the character of Chup is speaking out loud to the Hindi audience. Chup is being described as a completely Dulquer Salmaan program.

Sunny Deol can also be considered as the biggest silent achiever in terms of performance. I don’t remember when was the last time the actor’s name trended on social media because of his solid acting in movies. Currently Sunny Deol is the trending topic. Many said it was good to see Sunny in such a powerful role after years of the thriller ‘Darr’. He has done his job very well. Stars like Pooja Bhatt and Shreya Dhanwantri also receive praise.

What is the history of silence?

Chup is the story of a serial killer. A boy named Danny sells flowers in Bandra. At the flower shop he meets a journalist named Nila. Nila is very impressed with the florist, they both get closer. Meanwhile, a famous film critic is murdered in his house. Inspector Arvind Mathur is tasked with solving the murder mystery. During the investigation, the murders of some other film critics happen one by one. The same pattern is seen in most. It becomes clear that someone is committing murder to get scathing reviews of the movies.

Inspector Mathur asks all reviewers to give positive feedback on safety. All critics agree, but one critic who works at Nila’s publications is adamant and writes a very scathing review of the film. After this, tremendous security arrangements are made outside his house in a hurry. The critic could be the killer’s next target. What happens next in the movie, the same story has been shown.

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