Raj Kundra was running the business of pornographic films from 3 WhatsApp group

Main characteristics:

  • There were three WhatsApp groups named hs-account, hs-operation and hs take down
  • Raj Kundra himself was the admin and operational head of all three WhatsApp groups.
  • If any other website uploads porn, the information will be given to the canning company

Mumbai The arrest of businessman Raj Kundra has caught everyone’s attention. Meanwhile, there have been many revelations in the interrogation conducted by the Crime Branch officials. Raj Kundra told during interrogation that how 3 WhatsApp groups were formed to run the business of pornographic films.

The investigation of the Crime Branch has revealed that Raj Kundra had formed a legal team of copyright to prevent piracy of hotspot porn movies. Raj Kundra created 3 WhatsApp groups to run the business of pornographic movies.

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This work was done in the first and second group
According to the information received, the name of the group was earlier HS-Account. Raj Kundra himself was associated with the Hotspot app’s contacts, subscribers, payments, transactions and profits from the porn business. The second group was called HS-operation. These included what kind of porn was required, how to shoot, who was the artist, payment, editing of the porn film, final content and final print, as well as sending FTP or links to a UK-based canning company.

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Copyright related works in the third group
So the third and most important group was named HS Take Down. Involved in the work of monitoring the copyrights of porn films and piracy. The porn movie uploaded on Hotshot App was reported to the Canning Company if it was uploaded on any other porn website or portal or app.

Raj Kundra was the administrator of the three groups.

The group then sent notices to the website and threatened to block the content as well as take legal action against it, demanding compensation from the website. The special thing is that the admin and operational head of these three WhatsApp groups was himself Raj Kundra.

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