Rajkummar Rao can surprise again with the remake of South ‘Hit: The First Case’!

Rajkummar Rao, who came from a simple background, is recognized among Bollywood’s most capable actors in his generation, so the main reason for this is that the actors have never been seen tied down in the same roles. He excelled at acting in both commercial and non-commercial films. His colorful performance has been seen by the world not once but many times. While the actor Roop Rajkumar began with minor roles and also succeeded in commercial cinema as a leading actor.

Rajkumar, who made his debut with Love Sex Aur Dhoka, must have done no less than a dozen minor roles by now. He worked as a supporting artist in many movies. Despite this, I don’t remember the actor ever seeing a less effective character in a movie. His work in ‘Shahid’ first attracted public attention after four or five movies. So far, he has played all kinds of characters in about 30 movies. He also has the roles of a police officer (recently Badhaai Do). But there is no such role in which he has shown the rough avatar of him as a policeman.

A career hit for Rajkummar Rao: The First Case will prove to be a film out of the ordinary

Now with the Bollywood remake of South ‘Hit: The First Case’, the actor is also going to get rid of this complaint from the fans. This original film looks at Rajkumar’s career. ‘Hit: The First Case’ is actually an action thriller drama. Sanya Malhotra is in the lead role with Rajkumar. The film will be released next week, on July 15. However, the solo release of the film will not be possible at the Hindi box office in the post-Corona release schedule. Along with the success, Taapsee Pannu starring biographical sports drama ‘Shabaas Mithu’ will also arrive on July 15. This film is the story of veteran cricketer Mithali Raj. The trailers for both movies have arrived. Rajkumar, who is seen in Hit: The First Case, is really surprised.

You can watch the trailer for the hit below. He was much loved by the audience:-

Rajkumar Rao has proven himself with not one, but many films

Well, this is not the first time that an actor’s character has taken the audience by surprise. Many such roles can be counted, in which the actor’s performance can be considered a milestone in the history of Bollywood. This is the reason why his name also appears in the list of the most capable actors of his generation. Movies like Shahid, Kai Po Che, City Lights, Aligarh, Trapped, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Newton, Omerta, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, Stree, Ludo, Roohi and Badhaai Do are excellent examples of Rajkumar’s acting career. The filmography is likely to be replenished with the masala action-thriller drama Hit: The First Case.

Shailesh Kolanu is directing Rajkumar’s police action thriller at T-Series and Dil Raju producing. Made on a very small budget, this movie of the same title was originally released in Telugu in the year 2020. Shailesh Kolanu made his directorial debut through this movie. He also wrote the story for the film. Made on a budget of just Rs 6 million, the film managed to earn almost double its cost at the box office. The audience who loved thrillers had given a lot of love to the original movie ‘Hit’ starring Vishwak Sen. This is the reason why the creators of Telugu are trying to set it up as a successful franchise. Apart from the Hindi remake of the first part, the second part of the Telugu hit: The Second Case is in the works.

Rajkumar plays the role of a police officer in Hit

The trailer reveals that Rajkummar Rao has played the role of Vikram, an excellent police officer from the Crime Department’s Homicide Intervention Team, aka ‘HIT’. Such a police officer who has the ability to solve even the most difficult cases, even if there is no lead in it. This officer has already demonstrated his ability by solving many cases. The officer is in love with his cousin Neha of him. This character is played by Sanya Malhotra. He plays the role of a forensic expert in the film. There are many nuances to M Rajkumar’s role as a police officer. He is a good human being with a capable, honest and brave officer, but he also suffers from a mental disorder.

Many times they struggle with PTSD due to their past. They must take medication, and sometimes the effect of their mental disorder is also visible in their public behavior and work. Despite this, he is highly appreciated by senior officers in the department for his work. A complicated case approaches Hit. A girl goes missing after her car breaks down on the highway. Who made it disappear and why it comes out as a great mystery. It is only known that the girl left the road in a blue car, and then nothing of her was found.

The case of the girl’s disappearance comes to Hit, perhaps the superior officer gives the responsibility of solving it to Vikram. Along with this, Vikram’s girlfriend Neha also goes missing. For Vikram, this case now becomes a private matter rather than an official responsibility, and thus his mental trauma also increases. A police officer suffering from a mental disorder goes through all the ups and downs while solving both cases. Since there is no clear clue, there are many mysteries behind the disappearance of both.

In the hit, Rajkummar Rao plays the role of a police officer who suffers from a mental disorder.

Many major changes have been made in the remake.

The police officer tries to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, one by one the avenues of crime are opened and many people enter the field of investigation. Also the blue car that was mentioned for the first time as a case of disappearance of the girl. After this, the needle of suspicion continues to spin on the people surrounding the two missing victims. In the direction of Shailesh Kolanu, it will probably be shown how Rajkumar manages to solve the case as a police officer. It is also the biggest mystery who is behind the disappearance and if the lives of both victims can be saved, the criminals kill them for some purpose.

The backdrop for the original film was Telangana. But after watching the trailer for the Hindi version, it is clear that for the convenience of the audience, the creators changed a lot of things in the background. Apart from Rajkumar Rao and Sanya, Shilpa Shukla, Sanjay Narvekar, Milind Gunaji, Dalip Tahil and Jatin Goswami are seen in major roles in the film. The film’s music is by Mithun and Manan Bhardwaj. In the trailer, the images currently look better in terms of camera and light. The suspenseful drama story has the ability to keep the audience hooked. From the level of the actors Rajkumar and Sanya, it is to be expected that their acting was good.

If all goes well, this character of Rajkumar Rao as a police officer will also remain in people’s minds for a long time. The actor, who has been seen in many serious roles in comedy and dosori, will also prove that he has the ability to carry the burden of action-thriller drama on his shoulders.

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