Raju laughed so hard that now there are only memories and tears in his eyes.

Raju left. ours-yours The Raju Srivastava of all made life cry as he fought a breathless battle. As he writes in his bar, the word ‘cry’ is not written even after wanting it. Seeing and hearing him, he seemed like he was a born parody. The child cries after coming out of the mother’s stomach, but Raju must have laughed. The humor is actually very natural. And those who know Raju Srivastava a little more closely will know that humor was as natural as breathing to Raju. It is about those days when I met Raju Srivastava while he was working in a media house. That was our moment of learning how to work in the media and moving forward with Raju’s comedy.

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Raju was as good a comedian as he was a good person.

Raju used to come to record. All sorts of people flock to the news outlets office, but Raju’s arrival used to make everything buzz. They used to come. And as if the echo of laughter itself was everywhere. Reason. Raju was not a prefabricated comedy artist. There was humor in every word, in every reaction, in his style. When he got out of the car, went up the stairs, reached the guest room, Raju used to make a lot of people laugh.

At that time I used to carry a suitcase. She had her wardrobe inside. Often some shiny jacket, which she thought she looked cool on. He himself opened the suitcase and commented on her clothes. Laughing at putting on makeup himself, joking a lot about his complexion. Raju had the magic of bringing the person in front of him out of every mood in just two minutes. We listen to his every word very carefully.

Raju knew how to joke about himself. Very few people have this art. He used to walk himself as a reflection of humor. He was an artist singed in the fire of fighting. But I didn’t get to enjoy that summer much. The point in life where Raju wanted life to now be thought of as living at a leisurely pace. After running a lot, he wanted to rest. And then the creator changed the scene. The film of Raju’s life will end in the middle. No one had thought of this. It is said that an artist never dies. Thousands of Raju videos will tickle your fancy at any time. It will only be sad that this person who laughs no longer lives in this world. These are the memories of him, just memories. Laughter brings tears to my eyes. Raju laughed so hard that only tears remained.

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